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So, all European (EU) friends:

(If you’re European, in a couple of weeks you will be denied any and all access to fandom contents on Tumblr and everywhere else on the internet. Here’s why.
From this Tumblr post <- obviously the internet won't DISAPPEAR. However, it could be the very slow start...)

More info:

Why You Need to act NOW! To save the internet.

I hate 2018. There's never a 'Surely it's not that bad' option. :( I mean, maybe everything will be fine, but WHAT IF?

(As an EU citizen living in the UK, my rights are already questionable.)

ETA: Bless the OTW (with thanks to my flist): EU Copyright Developments and Fans

And they say basically the same as the links above: Contact your MEP! Make your voice heard!


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