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Come Out For Trans Equality
The fight for equality is far from over. Join our campaign and show your support for trans people in Britain today.

Thread here on Twitter with more info on why (quite swear-y, but goodness knows they are putting up with a hell of a lot):


28 May 2018 06:11 pm
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I have probably mentioned Penelope Trunk before - she writes about career advice (and has done several start-ups) and homeschooling (not from a religious/Evanglical perspective, she's Jewish). The advice itself is not at all applicable to me or my life, and I don't always agree with her, but she writes extremely well and engagingly and generally with brutal honestly. But these two posts I really wanted to share:

My 12-year-old son just told me he’s gay. How can I help him?

Dear Princeton University, I love you

(The second one ties in with the first, despite the title.)
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This is another collection of links, but these are completely random. Although I have tried to arrange them by subject.

Although first of all, in honour of Women's Day:

Barbie has released a new line of dolls for International Women’s Day and they’re awesome
(I want the Frida Khalo one...)

Twitter thread: There are a whole bunch of women who have (and do) inspired me in different ways, some of whom I've been lucky enough to write about, some I've worked with, some I listen to or read. So here they are

Fundraiser for Refuge (For women & children. Against Domestic violence.)
Richard Herring: I am spending March 8th on Twitter for Refuge because people don't seem to know when Int Men's Day is.

And also this one, because it's one of the most interesting, hard-hitting and informative things I have read on the subject:

Eco-fashion’s Animal Rights Delusion
In this exploration of the hidden stories behind materials such as wool and rayon, silk and polyester, and vegan leather, Alden Wicker—a frequent writer, blogger, and speaker on sustainable fashion—finds some inconvenient truths for the animal rights movement.

ETA: And one more:

Following John Lewis on civil rights journey 'touched by the spirit of history'
(If you can watch/read this without tearing up, you are doing better than I.)

Read more... )
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Via Kerk, Her Story. Snippet that works as a trailer:

Her Story is a 6-episode new-media series that looks inside the dating lives of trans & queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire & identity.

Episode 1 here
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First of all, the Best Picture Oscar mix up made my day! :D

ETA: Lovely post here with MORE: 10 Beautiful Moments at the Oscars That Were Basically “Fuck Yous” to Donald Trump

Also, this website, via [profile] lynnene:

President Hillary Rodham Clinton
News from the Real America, Where the Majority Rules

It's hilarious, and apparently makes Trump supporters really mad!!

So many links, I'm sure a lot are out of date by now... )
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Because it's important to remember that there are still so many good and decent people in this country.

And also that things are (despite what it might feel like) constantly going forward.

At work today I attended the staff induction for new starters (to talk about the area where I work, which went very well), and caught the last bit of the previous talk where the director for Equality and Diversity was impressing upon them that these things are a legal requirement. It is the law that we have to be inclusive and open and welcoming and help integrate different groups etc. This is good.

And the other day I saw a bin lorry, which had a massive 'advert' on the side for 'STOP HATE', with lines like 'Homophobia is a choice, sexuality isn't' and 'Racism is a choice, ethnicity isn't' and so forth.

Plus of course there's the current Lloyds advert, which amongst other things features a same sex proposal, which was then followed up by a massive poster campaign throughout the country. Follow the link to see both. :)

All this is important. Things are far from perfect, but hopefully they are going in the right direction.
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So, I've not mentioned the whole tjlc thing* (because there are far more important things in the world right now!), even though I have been rather appalled at how they (at least some of them) have been hounding Moffat & Gatiss (and Moffat & Gatiss are too polite to bite back a la RTD's 'Go watch Supernatural!').

But then I came across this today on Tumblr, and I am just charmed and delighted that this is a real thing and had to share:

*If you haven't heard of this, consider yourself lucky. Don't ask, just go read what looks like a brilliant book
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Falling in love in wartime Iraq
US Army interpreter Nayyef Hrebid and Iraqi soldier Btoo Allami fell in love at the height of the Iraq War. It was the start of a dangerous 12-year struggle to live together as a couple.

"I knew if we stayed in Iraq we had no future. We were going to end up married to women and hiding our whole lives. But I had watched the TV series Queer As Folk and I realised there were gay communities on the other side of the world."
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So, before I go off to the Cherub's sports day, a few nice things to make you smile:

- Undoubtedly the single best thing to happen on 23rd of June: Pearl's first day on location

(It may be that her radiant smile will be one of the only things pulling us through the dark times ahead.)

- Pope: Gays and Others Marginalized Deserve an Apology

- US military 'to lift transgender ban'

- Schoolboys allowed to wear skirts under new 'gender neutral' uniform rules (Move is part of a drive for schools to be more open to children questioning their gender identity)

- Celebrating a year of marriage equality: “Joy” – June 26, 2015 (PHOTOS) (This is a repost of piece Anne posted a year ago. ♥)
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(Only two people on my flist will get this. Although if anyone's curious - go here)

ETA: Watch: At London Pride a Police Officer Proposes, Melts the World's Heart


22 June 2016 01:51 pm
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Justin’s story: Advocating for respect and compassion
This father of a transgender daughter is committed to overcoming ignorance, online and off.
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Just read this. Trust me.

(With thanks to verdane_mi and kerkevik_2014)


13 June 2016 07:29 pm
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