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Mike Pence's wife introduced him at the 2017 March for Life, saying, "I have never met anyone who has more passion for women, for children, and for the American people."

I am finding that somewhat hard to believe. Or maybe she has not met a lot of people...

VP Mike Pence Casts Deciding Vote To Confirm Betsy DeVos

Generally, the way Republicans always go on about their faith in the light of their actions brings this to mind:

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
Matthew 6:24

(I am sure you have already seen the figures for how much Betsy DeVos has donated.)
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If you want a more artistic version that might be easier to print out, I found one here
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Just a few things.

First, The Guardian has a wonderful article:

The web's funniest responses to Trump's grim first week .
I had seen quite a few, but not all. Remember, laughter is one of the best weapons! (Esp loved the one with Hillary limiting men's use of the reproductive organs.)

Secondly, for those that want to keep on top of what's happening (US centric), add [community profile] thisfinecrew. Lots of links and things to do etc.


And then for something completely different.

Went to the cinema on Wednesday and (FINALLY) saw Rogue One. Twas very very good and I liked it very much.

The interesting thing is that most of my flist has seen it by now, and I have scrolled past many many posts, which often fall into one of two camps. Either 'Well this one easily beat the somewhat mediocre The Force Awakens!' or 'The Force Awakens was easily superior, here are my issues with Rogue One...'

I am doing my usual trick of liking BOTH. Quite frankly, if the universe gives me TWO Star Wars movies with female leads they would have to be *fantastically* poor for me to complain.

Of course you may all like or dislike whatever you see fit. These things are all personal.

(FIAF stands for Fuck It All Friday, see Peter and Jane.)
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I know I've yet to reply to comments (due to having a very nice evening yesterday and not getting online), but this is too relevant not to post:

I mentioned that I love 'Peter and Jane' (because she's hilarious), but sometimes she does long and serious posts and this is one of those times. She is writing about Trump's global gag rule:

To My Dearest Girl Child

For those who want more info/context Vox has a good article:

Trump reinstated the global gag rule. It won't stop abortion, but it will make it less safe.
Thousands of women will die across the world, and millions will lose access to both safe abortion and birth control.

This rule is like a yo-yo. Democrats get rid of it. Republicans re-instate it. Because of this we can track the impact. The rule results in more abortions, or more women dying. Read the article for numbers, although you will probably wish you hadn't.

I understand (and in many ways agree with) the Pro-Life argument, and think every abortion is a tragedy. But this is not how to fix things, just a way to punish (and kill) women.
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Originally posted by [personal profile] snickfic at Sunday activism/news roundup
Women's March
* link to spreadsheet estimating total Women's March participation (Twitter.) As of now, estimate is between 3.6 and 4.5 MILLION in US.

* To my fellow white women: no one was arrested today because we showed up in numbers. This is why we need to continue to show up. (Twitter)

Activism / resources
* "So you just got home from your local Women's March. Now what?" (Twitter)

* Call the Halls: Contacting Your Representative the Smart Way - by the gal whose initial "how to call your reps" tweets went viral two months ago.

* Two sites focused on encouraging and supporting people interested in running for political office: Run for Something (young progressives) and She Should Run (women). IMO Run for Something seems to have it a lot more together, with a clear plan of action and headed by a gal who did major fundraising for Hillary Clinton, but their emphases are different, obviously. UPDATE: I've explored She Should Run more, and it looks like they have an entire series of courses for how thinking about running, what your story is, what your motivations are, how to get involved in your community in preparation to run, etc, which is pretty cool and also much lower investment and for people earlier in the process than Run for Something. So if both focuses apply to you, I think they're both worth exploring and deciding which one is a better fit for you .

* Find a local League of Women Voters - I knew this group did a ton of voter education and informed voting work, but I did not know until yesterday that their local branches hold forums and otherwise engage heavily with local issues, as opposed to just national ones. I am 100% going to be checking out some of these educational forums near me in the next while.

News / analysis
* Analysis of game Trump is playing with press. Really scary stuff. (Twitter)

* Tons of links/explanation for what Trump's inauguration day executive order is and means (Twitter)

* Sen. Tomes' protester bill met with criticism (Indiana Courier Press). This was the Indiana "clear roadways of protesters by any means necessary" bill. Sounds like it's dead in the water.

* At the Last Minute, Trump Asks Nuclear Safety Administrator to Stick Around After All (Gizmodo). WELL, GOOD.

* Rep. Cathy McMorris (R-WA) gets shouted down at MLK event by angry constituents (ThinkProgress)

* Governor Cuomo Announces Decisive Actions to Secure Access to Reproductive Health Services in New York (ny.gov)

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Originally posted by [profile] flake_sake at Inauguration Day
I don't know what to say.  I hate the suffering this man will cause in this position. I don't know how to process the absurdity of this exept with humor.  Saw this very fitting German webcomic today. (Translation below)


House of Cards: An unsettling dystopian story, where a ruthless, manipulative murderer becomes president of the United States.


House of Cards: A hopeful utopian story, where a strategically thinking, self controlled grown up, without a twitter account is president.

And from Imzy:

Today is an historic day with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.

Soon after confirmation the following issues were removed from Whitehouse.gov:

Health Care

Civil Rights



Climate Change

The Spanish translation and Accessiblity links were removed from the bottom of the page. All of these things may be restored but for now we don't know if, when, or what they will look like.

(More here. Including cat Avengers)
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Although if you want to do something - other than attend a women's march - you could always donate to Mandy's Go Fund Me as she still needs all the help she can.
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Taking it back

The Trump campaign was, and the post-election Trump news is, a Gish gallop. And now on lefty Twitter, I’m seeing a similar phenomenon on the emotional level: a firehose of things we must all pay attention to. All at once! Right now! A person can never catch up. There’s never enough emotional energy. But, the drummer beats out under the melody of grief and the bass line of fear, if you don’t care about this then you’re a bad person. React! React! React!

Turn that music down and listen to me for a minute. If you have ever listened to me before, listen now.

(With thanks to Kerk)
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1. Moar Trevor Noah. Seriously, I think America is incredible lucky to have him, he's exactly the right person to deal with Trump.

2. Well this is depressing as hell.

The Guardian: EU citizens in Britain post Brexit vote: ‘I feel betrayed, not at home, sad’
People who have lived, worked and made families in the UK tell us their struggles with paperwork following the Brexit vote

3. And finally, something to make you laugh:

Buzzfeed: 100 Tweets That Made British People Piss Themselves In 2016
So shines a good tweet in a weary world.
(Warning: There is some sort of auto-play thing, so turn your sound off.)
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"Tomi" host Tomi Lahren gives her take on the Black Lives Matter movement and explains why she lashed out against Colin Kaepernick for his national anthem protest

Bless Trevor Noah. These are conversations that need to happen.
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I somehow ended up with a lot of tabs (again). Under cut to spare your flist, except for two articles which really stood out:

‘The Real Racist’
The rhetorical strategy designed to shut down debate — and preserve white power

Against Bargaining
On not taking leave of your senses

Read more... )

And finally:

One small English town just sent a giant f*ck you to the UK’s xenophobic media
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ETA: God bless Green Day:

Green Day Shocks ABC Execs With Anti-Trump Chant During The American Music Awards
Last night, during a live broadcast of the American Music Awards on ABC, punk legends Green Day performed their latest single “Bang, Bang,” as scheduled. But they surprised ABC reps by adding a special message for president-elect Donald Trump in the middle of the song. According to TMZ, ABC reps were thrown “completely off guard” when the band broke into a chant of “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!” during the song’s breakdown, inspiring a standing ovation after the band’s performance.
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Most people are bad at arguing. These 2 techniques will make you better.
Argue better — with science.

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You may remember this. Feel free to adapt.

That said, Brexit *is* different to the US election.

It was led my misinformation and lies and propaganda (which they walked back LITERALLY THE DAY AFTER) and general dissatisfaction. We've had 8 years of 'austerity' and people are not happy. And the Leave camp used this to make people angry at immigrants rather than point out that the government has cut into social services to the point where thousands upon thousands of people are reliant on foodbanks (THIS IS NOT NORMAL). It was a similar sort of anger, but our racial issues are different. (I mean, racism & xenophobia come in many guises. Still comes back to the same things, but different strokes...)

Also, as we had no Hillary figure, we did not have the corresponding visceral misogyny. Indeed, the outcome was an orgy of backstabbing, so all those who had engineered the outcome found themselves out in the cold, and Theresa May swept to power (unelected!!). I mean, yay for a female prime minister, but I would have preferred one less... Tory. :( Especially as Labour is about as much use a chocolate fire guard and we NEED someone or something to push back against the creeping right wing policies that keep being rolled out.

Re. Brexit we are still in limbo. In the US you can watch a horror show unfold, daily, whereas we are just sitting here, waiting for the other shoe to drop and mourning Toblerone.

Plus, our vote WAS of course a popular vote - not that it's that simple. It was SO close.

Anyway, some links for you re. the election.

Empathy isn’t a favor I owe white Trump voters. It has to go both ways.
We remember that out of suffering, healing is possible. Out of darkness, light shines brighter, and, not to sound all yoga about it, we cannot have one without the other. Had Hillary Clinton won, many of us would have moved on as if all was right with the world, but the world is very wrong, and the impact of that wrongness is on display for all to see.

Yes, the white male anger that fueled Trump’s victory was real — but it isn’t valid
Make no mistake, Trumpers are angry. What they're angry about is the loss of unearned race and gender privilege

The misogyny apocalypse: Turns out being white and male counts for more than intelligence, grace or decency
It was unimaginable that America would self-destruct rather than elect a female president. But that's what happened

How Van Jones Became a Star of the 2016 Campaign
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I feel like Cordy:

Cordelia: Spike's a hero and you're CEO of Hell, Incorporated. What frickin' bizarro world did I wake up in?

Seriously. What IS this?

Also, Jon Stewart argues against the idea that all Trump voters are racist (I have not watched it, but the ONTD crowd are NOT happy)

Here's Miss Manners explaining the problem (x):

FYI I have added two more tags:

darkest timeline (usa)
This is for stuff to do with Fuckface von Clownstick and the fallout from the administration

never give up never surrender
This is for stuff you can do, how to protest etc etc.

And finally, re. normalisation, I went and found this passage:

There are now a good many summer visitors to the village. The bathing-beach by the pier, with its array of banners, begins to look like a medieval camp. Each family has its own enormous hooded wicker beach-chair, and each chair flies a little flag. There are the German city-flags – Hamburg, Hanover, Dresden, Rostock and Berlin, as well as the National, Republican and Nazi colours. Each chair is encircled by a low sand bulwark upon which the occupants have set inscriptions in fir-cones: Familie Walter. Stahlhelm. Heil Hitler! Many of the forts are also decorated with the Nazi swastika. The other morning I saw a child of about five years old, stark naked, marching along all by himself with a swastika flag over his shoulder and singing “Deutschland über allies.”

The little Doctor fairly revels in this atmosphere. Nearly every morning he arrives, on a missionary visit, to our fort. “You really ought to come round to the other beach,” he tells us. “It’s much more amusing there. I’d introduce you to come nice girls. The young people here are a magnificent lot! I, as a doctor, know how to appreciate them. The other day I was over at Hiddensee. Nothing but Jews! It’s a pleasure to get back here and see real Nordic types!”
Christopher Isherwood, The Berlin Novels

Oh, and BRITISH PEOPLE! Here's a petition for you:

Do not make Nigel Farage a lord
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] snickfic at more resources
"We're His Problem Now" Calling Sheet - easy reference for finding your elected Congresspeople, plus scripts for talking to them, plus a specific call to action each week. I'm going to use this a lot, I think.

Another google doc, still in progress, of general FAQs for ways to help out, ways to protect yourself, etc, as well as an international list of orgs fighting against fascism.

BTW, did you know you can get a free WaPo subscription if you have an email ending in .gov/.edu/.mil?

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