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Environmental Audit Committee
Heatwaves: Adapting to Climate Change inquiry

Accepting written submissions; the deadline is Wednesday 14 March 2018.
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On the Blackness of the Panther
‘In my wildest dreams, there is no king. I killed the king. The king is dead. All power to the people.’
(Vague references to the movie, no spoilers, the subject is blackness.)

The Heart of Whiteness: Ijeoma Oluo Interviews Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Identifies as Black
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Parkland Student Emma González Opens Up About Her Fight for Gun Control
"Adults are behaving like children."

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NHS privatisation soars as private companies win 70% of clinical contracts in England

On which note:

Urgent Legal Action for Our NHS - Round 3
Fund our fight to get proper consultation, parliamentary scrutiny and respect for the law. Save our NHS from an American-style take-over.


And from the other side of the pond:

We’re Only Having Half the Conversation We Need to About Mass Shootings
Most of the critical response to the Parkland shooting has focused on gun control—as it should—but there has been little mention of domestic violence

And this is satire, but...

As Senator, I Have No Choice But to Accept Donations From This Churning Vortex of Death That Ate Your Children
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ETA: Oh, and more local:

You need to read the letter from Corb's lawyers to Ben BRADLEY Tory MP
(And make sure to watch the video at the end!)
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These kids are the spark that will light the fire that will burn the NRA down...

Also read this thread.


20 February 2018 07:29 am
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ETA: Here’s What It’s Like At The Headquarters Of The Teens Working To Stop Mass Shootings
Just days after surviving a mass shooting, a team of teens are trying to start a revolution from their parents’ living rooms.
elisi: Rahul from Bake Off 2018 <3 (OMG!!!)
I have never seen this in an actual real life scenario:

Hillwalkers warned about magnets in clothing
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Russell Howard is here:

Why 2017 has actually been amazing...

(Mind you, I am also not quite sure about what is real anymore, as tonight we watched the Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired in 1978 and is described on wiki as 'The special is notorious for its extremely negative reception and has never been rebroadcast or officially released on home video. It has therefore become something of a cultural legend, because of the "underground" quality of its existence.' If you're curious, you can find it here: The Star Wars spinoff George Lucas wants to destroy. I cannot describe it, except that it's like bad fanfic that somehow ended up on screen with the actual actors acting in it.)
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Muslim foster parents: ‘We'd never had a Christmas tree - it made them so happy’
News that a Christian child was ‘forced’ into Muslim foster care caused a furore earlier this year. But, despite the challenges, these families play a vital role in bringing up vulnerable children
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GRRM: Melantha, Done Right At Last

The Guardian: 'Women are better writers than men': novelist John Boyne sets the record straight
Male authors are always pronouncing their own brilliance – or boasting about not reading books by women. So, after a lifetime of writing and attending literary festivals, John Boyne would like to get something off his chest …

Newsbeat: Colin Kaepernick accepts Muhammad Ali sports award from Beyonce

Pledge: Urgent Legal Action for Our NHS - Round 2

Petition: Richard Branson and Virgin Care: return the NHS’s money, and never sue the NHS again
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Vox: All Muslims are often blamed for single acts of terror. Psychology explains how to stop it.
You can’t fight prejudice with name calling. Here’s one strategy that actually works.

BBC: Gaslighting: The 'perfect' romance that became a nightmare

The Pool: I Want A Wife – why a 46-year-old essay is still shockingly relevant
Feminist Judy Brady wrote about the role wives play in the smooth running of life back in 1971. It remains depressingly apt today, says Daisy Buchanan

The Guardian: How Meghan Markle might bring the royals closer to Christ the King
If Prince Harry’s fiancee can bring some of her campaigning spirit for the dispossessed into the Windsor mix, the monarchy will be all the richer for it
(This one was just so surprising, I didn't quite know what to do with it. I don't expect the media to write about Catholic feast days in an intelligent way.)

I don't particularly have any sort of opinion on the Royal family (like, I'm generally for them, it's good to have figure heads who are not political), but I am thinking I really like Meghan. I'm sure you have all seen this:

Indy 100: 11-year-old Meghan Markle wrote a letter to change a sexist advert. The company listened

And finally:

ETA: In case I haven't mentioned it before, Terry Crews is my hero:

What About Your Friends? Why Hollywood's Abandonment Of Terry Crews Is Unacceptable
The actor/activist is sounding the alarm on his industry’s toxic subculture, but many of his colleagues are covering their ears.

ETA2: Teen Vogue (who are always awesome) have an article too:

Terry Crews Opens Up About Alleged Sexual Assault
The actor made an important point: it can happen to anyone.

Linked to in part because at the bottom of the page a series of vidoes start to autoplay:

Guys Read: Sexual Assault Stories

Worth watching. (Although obviously massive trigger warnings.)
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Follow the link. The threads a golden. :D :D :D


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