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It's about time...

(The Doctor returns on SUNDAY 7th of October.)
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So, I tend to collect links.

And since today is a Bank Holiday I figured I'd post them all today. However I can't be bothered to organise them much, so you get a somewhat random collection (many of them probably outdated, but hey ho).

Outside the cut, however, this absolute amazing thing by Lenny Henry:

(If you have not yet watched This is America, then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?)

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To play the Doctor, you have to BE the Doctor.

ETA: I have realised that it reminds me of: Eleven turning up at Amy's wedding. It's exactly the same attitude. :D
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Here's Colin Baker talking about his time as the Doctor (with many thanks to [personal profile] enevarim):

Lots of delightful little details!
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New Doctor Who composer revealed for Jodie Whittaker’s first series
Segun Akinola is set to create “a fresh take on the legendary theme tune” as the first new composer the series has had in over a decade

And via Owls, his Soundcloud
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Fell down the rabbit hole of youtube videos, but this is the one that just hit me in all the best ways. And dear GOD the way it hits the beats! Apparently it was the vidder's first effort, which I find hard to believe, it's amazingly confident and well-edited (go to youtube and watch it bigger):

Apart from the title, then 'My childhood spat back the monster that you see' is also one of the most Doctor-y lines I have ever come across. Features the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor. Enjoy.
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I'm guessing you have all seen the New Doctor Who Logo?

(Love the new look of... everything. The whole nature thing is beautiful, and wonderfully different. Also, in the more general scope of things, then the regeneration of the whole show with a new show runner is very much of the good.)
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So [for long unimportant explanations] I was looking through old LJ entries, and came across one from the 13th of May 2006. Amongst other things I wrote:


A Doctor Who question: Was last week's episode *important*? We missed it what with being in London (specifically I think we were on the tube at the time) and then for some annoying reason it didn't show up on replay! *grumblegrumblegrumble* Anyway - any major plot developments that I should be aware of?
Here are some of the replies:


Was last week's Who important? Erm...no, not really. It just had the Doctor falling for Mme de Pompadour and abandoning Rose and Mickey on a starship 3,000 years into the future without a moment's hesitation.


Was it important



Of course it was important! Was "Fool for Love" *important*? Was "Darla" *important*?


It was just beautiful and heartbreaking and...it very nearly broke fandom.


I have last week's Doctor Who on tape and can send it to you if you like? Then you can make up your own mind. :)


Looking back, I DO remember all the furore over The Girl In The Fireplace (all the Rose fans were outraged, I was thrilled because the Doctor got laid...). But it's disappeared in the distance, blending into the canon of the show. The issues of *now* are so very different.

Also, the fact that someone had TAPED it, and POSTED IT TO ME, is so adorably quaint that I am all aflail.

ETA: OK, so I ended up having to find & watch this:

And then feeling sad that it's so old that it doesn't include all the Ten/Liz I snogging... Also, RTD cast Tennant when he was Casanova, what did people expect? ;)
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The lines for this are from the beginning of The Waste Land, but they just struck me, so I thought what the hell, and created this. Not long. Short notes follow the images. Also I found this page, which is just wonderful. (Individual links follow relevant quotes.)

Companion piece to What the Thunder Said.

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ETA: Oh and [personal profile] purplefringe posted her regeneration vid, which you should all go and watch:

If I Ever Leave This World Alive
summary: Wherever I am, you'll always be / More than just a memory
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I realise it's been more than a month, and this is... Well, it is what it is. It was a lovely, lovely episode, but rounding up the end of an era is hard. So this isn't that, it's just a heap of scattered thoughts strung together. I will also post a take that is all poetry, but this one is probably better for talking about. :)

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Doctor Who Series 9 Soundtrack Coming Early 2018

It'll be a 4 disc set, with a whole disc just for Heaven Sent! <3
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But honestly, this boy is too adorable to live. I think I may adopt him.

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First of all, from my Meta on the S10 finale, because it fits:

Not spoilery as such )

And then (because it's delightful), 'The Twelfth Doctor's Final Story, Regeneration & MORE! - The Aftershow - Doctor Who: The Fan Show':

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Hello all.

I *think* I have managed to reply to all posts/messages. (If I have missed anyone, please let me know!)

Had a very lovely day yesterday - we went down to Cambridge to see Miss M, so after a lovely breakfast & opening cards/presents we were out of the door a little after 9am.

After having a wander around the town (and buying a couple of things) we went and had a picnic lunch which Darcy had prepared earlier. (As it was a cold and windy day, we had the picnic in Miss M's room.)

We then went to the Botanical Gardens, where it was Apple Day ([personal profile] the_royal_anna will know which this was a particular draw), but it was interesting (and very pretty) apart from that.

Had a nice 'tea' from Dominos and then set off back home. But twas a lovely day, with all my girls. ♥

And then this afternoon one of my oldest childhood friends came to visit with husband and children. The children are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and adorable, so it was a very nice afternoon. :)

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On the BBC's website

On the Doctor Who website


Delightful Spike/Angel vid by [profile] double_duchess that I happened to come across:

I Hate You


Am also watching Victoria, but way behind (tend to watch episodes a day or two before the disappear off ITVPlayer). However it keeps being as wonderful as before, and honestly I could watch them forever. (Just watched the one where they go to France, so no spoilers beyond that please.)

Also watching The Good Place and have started on iZombie on Netflix (Dr Ravi is my new favourite everything). Not that they aren't all brilliant, and it does so many things I appreciate. <3

And that's all for now, should probably go interact with the world, even if most of my friends live in my computer. Thank you all for just being you. ♥


24 August 2017 07:04 pm
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Jodie Whittaker’s First Doctor Who Magazine Cover (I made an icon - free to good homes!)

19 Times American Tumblr And British Tumblr Went Head To Head

18 People From Aberdeen Who Are Way Funnier Than You, Sorry

And via my flist...

Apparently there is a plugin that makes all photobucket images visible again:

For Chrome

For Firefox



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