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NY Times: The Future of Not Working
As automation reduces the need for human labor, some
Silicon Valley executives think a universal income will be
the answer — and the beta test is happening in Kenya.
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This genuinely made me happy. Particularly the end with Hasan Minhaj. Good things have come out of this terrible mess.
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BBC: Thousands of gay men pardoned for past convictions
Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said the pardon was an "important, valuable advance that will remedy the grave injustices suffered by many of the estimated 50,000 to 100,000 men who were convicted under discriminatory anti-gay laws".

But he said it was "unclear" whether only the relatives of a deceased man could apply for a pardon on their behalf.

"Many convicted men were rejected and disowned by their families," he said.

"The government should make it clear that any concerned person, including personal friends, can apply for a pardon for a deceased person."

Ten reasons why it is not undemocratic for MPs to vote against invoking Article 50
(Pay special attention to #8!)

ETA: Vox: A British petition to cancel Trump’s state visit has reached over a million signatures
Shared b/c Yvette Cooper's contribution.

Also, I still have that petition open in a tab. It makes me happy to see the numbers go up.

Although as someone pointed out, they should let Trump meet Prince Charles, just for the sake of talking climate change!!

READ THIS OMG: The protests absolutely make a difference.

CNN: As of midday Tuesday, Trump has been named in 42 federal lawsuits since his inauguration.

The Guardian: Ellen DeGeneres hits back at Trump by explaining Finding Dory plot

Easy Activism in Your Area

This Google Chrome extension will change every picture of Donald Trump to kittens
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I know I've yet to reply to comments (due to having a very nice evening yesterday and not getting online), but this is too relevant not to post:

I mentioned that I love 'Peter and Jane' (because she's hilarious), but sometimes she does long and serious posts and this is one of those times. She is writing about Trump's global gag rule:

To My Dearest Girl Child

For those who want more info/context Vox has a good article:

Trump reinstated the global gag rule. It won't stop abortion, but it will make it less safe.
Thousands of women will die across the world, and millions will lose access to both safe abortion and birth control.

This rule is like a yo-yo. Democrats get rid of it. Republicans re-instate it. Because of this we can track the impact. The rule results in more abortions, or more women dying. Read the article for numbers, although you will probably wish you hadn't.

I understand (and in many ways agree with) the Pro-Life argument, and think every abortion is a tragedy. But this is not how to fix things, just a way to punish (and kill) women.
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Is that it steals so much attention away from more important news (And I'm as guilty as anyone). Like...

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti south '90% destroyed'

Yemen funeral hall attack 'kills 82'

The situation in Yemen is on par with Syria, yet it gets a fraction of the coverage.
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How ‘Ghostbusters’ Holtzmann has become a queer, autistic hero

American Girl
Clinics are popping up across the country to help kids as young as 3 who might be transgender, but some say it’s too much, too soon. While doctors argue, families like Nicole’s don’t have time to wait.
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Very very frightening

Just had a YUGE storm! You wouldn't believe this storm. It was, like, the BEST storm, OK?

Rain so heavy it looked like something out of an overblown Hollywood movie. Thunder & lightning that just went on & on. (And is still going on.) Never seen anything like it. Apocalyptic, if you were superstitious.

And AMAZING, in case that's not obvious. :)
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This year especially (Trump being the most glaring example), it seems as if we are constantly asking ourselves what has happened to the world. Shouldn't we have learned something from the past, shouldn't we be better than this now?

Well, earlier in the summer I was reading a small book with a collection of addresses/speeches given by Dorothy Sayers, mostly at the beginning of the Second World War. This part especially struck a chord with me. For those that would like the current events to be placed within a Christian framework, I have transcribed the relevant passage, and hope it makes sense standing alone.

I have also broken it up a little, as the big block of words was rather awkward to read.

Not behind us, beneath us )
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Judge to wipe man's rape convictions from record. It could mess up the boy's college experience!

I don't remember if I have linked to Penelope Trunk's post about Brock Turner before, but even if I have, it bears re-reading:

Every language arts lesson in just one day (from a rape case at Stanford)

She has lots of excellent links in that post, the best ones being to tweets by Ali Ozeri who 'fixed' the letters written by Brock's father & friend. I've embedded them below.

Read more... )
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14 August 2016 10:39 am
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Isis: Incredible photos show civilians celebrating freedom in Syria by cutting beards and burning burqas
Militants have been driven out of Manbij after a rebel advance backed by the US-led coalition
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(with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kerkevik_2014)
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Wolf-whistling is no crime – but it is part of our misogynist culture

And more cheering:

33 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Being A Woman

It's one of those annoying slideshow things, where you have to keep clicking to get the next one, except I can't stop. Also there are WAY more than 33...

My favourite is this one:

And speaking of Hillary, this is an excellent article:

Understanding Hillary
Why the Clinton America sees isn’t the Clinton colleagues know
(with thanks to kerkevik!) Why she's different (she's a woman! And would you believe it, women do things differently. For those skeptical, it lists both the pros & the cons.)


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