20 March 2018

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First of all, a quick shout-out to Doctor Who's black, bald, female General:

Do I maybe have a type?

In short, the world might be going to hell, but our stories are getting SO MUCH MORE DIVERSE! Here's to having SO MANY black female generals for SO LONG that it becomes a dull trope. Say the next 100 years? :)

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Sidebar: Thor was on telly last night. Watched a bit, and yet again wanted to punch something or someone. Like... it's all perfectly fine, but when you know something about ACTUAL Norse mythology, it's just an incredible mystery as to why they took something so amazing and just made it follow the same narrative as almost every other story ever...

Take Loki. He's a very appealing character, he's well acted etc etc. (even if he's saddled with dreary 'Oh noes I am adopted!' issues). But the 'real' Loki was a pan-sexual, gender-fluid shape-shifting Trickster god...

Which I guess is a bit too much for Hollywood. They can barely make more than very very coy allusions to Deadpool's bisexuality.


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