4 May 2014

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OK, so apparently the last chapter of this was posted on my birthday. Which is in October. I am so, so sorry.

For new friends: This is my big epic post-NFA WIP, where Spike, Angel & Illyria go on a big quest to undo the power of W&H. It has PLOT. And lots of character development and stuff. It is part of a 'verse but can easily be read on its own - if you go to the first chapter you can read a swift summary of what has gone before. And for my handful of readers - you might want to go back and just brush up on chapter 6? /o\

First chapter & notes here, and Master post of whole 'verse here.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Rating: Teen. (This chapter I'd warn for goriness.)
Characters: Spike, Angel, Illyria, Buffy, Scoobies + cameos from more or less everyone in the 'verse.
Feedback: Is bloody ambrosia! (The secret ingredient is otter...)
Word count: 3500 words approx.
Setting and Summary: As before. (Post-NFA epic quest thing.)

Chapter 7 )


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