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So, I am trying to write up my thoughts on S11 (because apparently I need to write them down in order to get them out of my system) and some parts make me cross and some are just annoying and some are just... less than what I hoped for (even with having low expectations).

And I really don't like being negative, so - if you feel so inclined - please share your favourite Thirteen stuff with me? Like, anything. Your favourite scene, or exchange, art work, vids, fic, cosplay, a news story about how Thirteen & Team TARDIS made a difference to someone... Just anything.

Because I want to remember how I felt right at the beginning when everything was exciting and happy.

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Date: 21 January 2019 08:25 pm (UTC)
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You do good lists.
MMmm, true.

I hope you rewatch, because want to understand what it is that's bugging me (apart from Kerblam!). It's just not gelling for me. It's just *there* and it's fine, but if they changed the whole line-up tomorrow I'd... almost miss it. *shakes show*
Well, you asked for positivity, so that's what I've got! A collection of good bits. (Why do I have this icon? That is literally never me, lol. Anyway . . . )

I think the way watching Five has helped, even more than in any particular similarity between Five and Thirteen, is that there is some similarity there, and it took three seasons for Five to gel for me, even while those seasons contained so many of my favorite episodes I've seen in Classic Who so far. So . . . no, I don't think I have anything gel-like to say about Thirteen, but I am now more ok with that fact. (Also, to a lesser extent, I think we're all forgetting just how checked out we were for seasons eight and nine. Like, yes, I am definitely more checked out now, but it was pretty darn bad. I remembering finishing Dark Water/Death in Heaven and literally going, ummmm, so that was a thing, I guess.)


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