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Date: 26 January 2019 01:18 am (UTC)
*ducks for unpopular opinion* I loved almost everything about this season. Many of the reasons have already been listed above, but the biggest for me is just that it felt *fun* again, in a way that it really hadn’t been for me since about the middle of Moffet’s run. I never stopped watching, but after Amy and Rory left it all just felt so heavy. I didn’t hate any of it (except the one with where the villain was the sleep in your eye - that one was crap) but I didn’t like any of it well enough to binge over and over the way I did with say, season 4. But I love:

Jodie’s Doctor. She’s brilliant in that she can be the smartest person in the room while realizing that she’s maybe not the cleverest person in the room. I love that she’s a maker, welding her screwdriver and fiddling with stuff until it does what she wants. I love that she’s not cynical AT ALL, after so many years of that being a fairly large part of the Doctor’s armor. I love her for reasons that I can’t think of right now.

I love the companions. All of them, even though we don’t have enough time with any of them. I love Yaz because she is sometimes the cleverest one in the room and the Doctor knows it, because she’s practical and calm in a crisis, and (real world reason rather than story reason) she is a positive representation of an ordinary (extraordinary) person who is Muslim and of Pakistani/Indian background and we just don’t see much of that in media. I love Ryan because he is the Rose Tyler of season 11 - Young, dead end job, kind of damaged (not physically because of his disability but emotionally because of his lack of relationship with his dad) whose life is broadened and changed by his time with the Doctor. And again I love the positive representation of a young Black man. It matters. And finally I love Graham. Totally love him. I love him because he reminds me of dad - hard working, blue collar, loves his wife passionately, wants to do the best for his family. I love that he shows multiple times across the season how smart he is, because in today’s world we don’t always appreciate the fact that blue collar workers can be just as smart as college educated white collar folks. I love that he loves Ryan, even when Ryan’s being kind of a jerk. I love that he loves Ryan both because Ryan is Grace’s and he loves Grace, and also just because Ryan is Ryan and worthy of love in his own right. Graham is just great.

I love the historical stories. I’m an American, so I of course learned about Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement in school, but if the partition of India was ever mentioned it’s been lost in the almost 30 years since my last history class in my first year of college.

I love Sheffield. I’m not sure if the episodes set there are meant to be love letters to it, but they make it look so beautiful. Also, I love the characters accents. I’ve seen a ton a criticism about them and I just don’t get it.

I get the criticisms that people have about the season. I do. There are stories that aren’t as strong as others. The resolution to the spider story didn’t make sense. The contemporary/future stories weren’t as strong in general as the historicals. The character arcs weren’t as well developed as I would have liked. Fridging Grace in the first episode and then using her death to propel the character arcs of the two male companions was both problematic from a feminist and racial perspective AND just plain mean because she was awesome and I wanted more of her. I know all of this. But I still love this season. A lot.

(Sorry for all the run-on sentences and general incoherence. But apparently I have Opinions.)
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