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Date: 23 January 2019 02:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] purplefringe
I'd love to know what kind of vid you feel like making
Ha, I would love to know that too! I haven't made any vids in FOREVER, primarily for technical reasons :( I was eventually forced, after putting it off for ages, to upgrade my computer's OS and now Final Cut Express no longer works. I'm trying to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, but it's HARD and I DON'T LIKE IT. *grump* But I think I would have much more motivation to figure out how to use it if I had a vid I had a *burning desire* to make! But I...don't? Which makes me sad, as I've made a vid per season for the last 4 seasons of DW and I would like to continue. But yeah, like you, beyond celebrating 'Yay, female Doctor!' I don't really have a strong idea of what angle to take...

I think that's my least favourite of them all. Well, finding the TARDIS at the end is beautiful, but the rest never worked for me.
I didn't rewatch it because it's my favourite, don't worry! I watched it when it aired, and then I was with some friends a few days later and they hadn't seen it yet, so I watched it with them. I think most of the ep is fine (beautifully filmed, kind of a meh linear plot) but that TARDIS scene is glorious.

Inevitably your favorite character become the Doctor and your favorite Doctor becomes the Doctor
YEP. We've talked about this before. :) I think one thing that has struck me this season is the relative passivity of the companions...as in, we've had a LOT of time on Ryan/Graham's relationship and feelings, and we've had a lot of moments where the Doctor actively claims them all as her fam/team/gang, etc (most notably in the NYD ep, when she says that the Earth is not just protected by her, but by her AND her friends, which is an evolution on previous Doctors) - and YET there have not been a huge number of moments when I've felt the companions have been instrumental in the action? Perhaps I'm just not remembering stuff, as I have only seen most eps once, and perhaps it's because a lot of the things they have done have been really small (no big dramatic saving-the-Doctor's life-moments) but it's something I've been thinking about. And perhaps that's a good thing, in some ways, for all that I struggle with it? It reinforces the idea that ANYONE can travel with the Doctor, not just people who are extraordinary in some obvious way, and it's also a way of showing that you can travel with the Doctor and still remain 'yourself', or the best version of 'yourself' - you don't have to *become* like the Doctor. Anyway. Unformed thoughts are unformed.
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