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Date: 22 January 2019 12:02 pm (UTC)
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Thank you for the lengthy reply, it's very helpful!

I joined the fandom during Nine's season. It was fun, hectic, and snarky. I loved how it would dip into a random situation, and they'd run around doing things until the chaos suddenly stopped and back to the Tardis they'd go.
This is a brilliant summary of the show. :)

My first problem with the show was because of Ten's increasingly angsty staring. I loved Ten, but angst has never been my thing.
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And don't worry about not liking Moffat - we like different things, and that part was obviously not what you were looking for. And it got VERY arc-y and meta-y. It was (in part) Moffat trying to deal with the fallout of the Time War and the pile of man!pain Ten had turned into. So, a lot of Eleven & Twelve's runs were about putting the world and the Doctor himself back together, and a lot of it was complex and difficult, because well, trying to help someone get over having committed genocide and having a god complex and so on is... Not easy. (Although I wonder if you might like S10. It's mostly quite quiet and Bill is just... Bill. ♥ And at that point the Twelfth Doctor is just old and kind and semi-retired and dammit, now I want to watch it again. It's SO GOOD. Sorry, ignore me.)

This new season is refreshingly non-epic. The Doctor is back to experiencing life and interacting with what's right in front of her, rather than Doing Epic Things And Altering The Course Of History.
I hear ya. :)

The Doctor herself is also refreshingly down to earth, and practical. (And she welded herself a new screwdriver! Gotta love a gal with a welding torch.)
I see what you did there! :D (Love all the welding yes.)

She worries about her companions, and the situations she ends up in – but she doesn't ANGST about them. Which is nice. (Compare Ten's "sorry"s to Thirteen's. Ten puts his entire heart, and his entire intense gaze, into the most angsty sorry you've ever heard in your life. Thirteen looks a bit apologetic and gives a bashful "sorry" before running off for more of the adventure.)
LOL. And that's 6 seasons worth of work, right there. (Or for the Doctor, more than a thousand years of life.)

I like your points about the Companions (again, I think you'd like Bill, cause a lot of this started back then, except how Twelve was old and Thirteen is young and bright - okay, stopping now, it gets VERY meta at some point, and yet it is just so exquisitely beautiful), although my caveat is that I would love for the companions to tell her off more. I feel there is very little conflict, like I can literally think of only one, and that gets resolved without any fuss or repercussions.

We are not quite up to the calibre of Nine's season yet. But we are, once again, focusing on fun, hectic, and snarky adventures with lots of running. Which is lovely.
Good. I am happy you are happy. May there be much more of it for you! <3
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