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Date: 20 January 2019 06:05 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] purplefringe
I am looking forward to your thoughts! In part because I ALWAYS look forward to your thoughts, and in part because I think we, on the whole, felt pretty similarly about lots of things this season. And I am glad you asked for positive recs, because I think that is a GREAT and wonderful way to approach this whole thing, and I wish more people would do :)

I would second Promethia's list, and specifically the screwdriver-making (and the way that was paralleled by the Dalek in the NY ep) and that scene in ep2 where she first goes in the TARDIS. That's the only ep I've seen twice, and I cried BOTH TIMES watching that scene.

I would also say that for all my reservations about this season, it has brought SO MANY of my former-DW-loving friends back to the show. People who dropped out during the Clara years, or during S6, or even way back during Ten's final angst-fest - so many of them have come back and are loving Thirteen, in all her weirdness and hopefulness, and that brings me joy.

I also think you really nailed something very interesting about Thirteen and this season when you made that post early on about Twelve living and dying on a battlefield, and Thirteen as a result just concentrating on small-scale victories - I think that's a great lens through which to watch the series, and makes a lot of sense of things.
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