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Date: 20 January 2019 02:15 am (UTC)
promethia_tenk: (thirteen flying)
1) Jodie is still delightful and perfect casting. Her little scronch faces! The dramatic arm flail every time she scans something! Her quiet, concerned looks--I really love those.

2) Best opening credits for Doctor Who ever (and I feel qualified to say this now).

3) That time when the team all told not!Trump that the Doctor is in charge because 'says us.'

4) I think Ryan is a genuinely great character and my only complaint about him is that I want more.

5) Tinker-y, build-y Doctor!

6) The custard cream dispenser.

7) The pure Doctor/TARDIS shippiness that is The Ghost Monument.

8) That time the Doctor had a brief lesbian thing with a sentient frog universe.

9) That time the Doctor smashed a space racist's vortex manipular and let him try to choke her out. That was badass.

10) Her interpersonal skills and mindfulness are actually kind of amazing and really incredible character development. And yet she's still adorably awkward and without filters.

11) The cinematography is such a glow up, as the young people say these days.

12) I like the Sheffield setting--it feels very different from anything else we've gotten in New Who.

13) The occasional Guillermo del Toro-esque touches are a vein of weirdness we've not gotten much of before in Who but is kind of great.

14) Pting!

15) Most everything about the New Year's special was pretty darn great.

16) They tried to burn the Doctor as a witch. I needed that on a deep level I didn't realize before it happened.

17) The amazing sense of tension and dread the first time you watch Rosa.

18) Graham's cheese and pickle sandwich.

19) King James hitting on Ryan.

20) I actually want to rewatch at some point. Like, I am thinking about it right now and I am a bit looking forward to it.
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