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So, tonight (at 7pm) we'll get the only Doctor Who of the whole of 2019.

I am trying very hard not to be negative, so here is a very positive review of The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos (and S11 in general).

However, when I started thinking about tonight's ep I figured the older girls will probably ask what happened in S11 (they only watched the first two episodes) and my answer will be: Nothing much, really.

Of course Doctor Who is by nature very accessible, you can hop on board pretty much anywhere, but the biggest development of S11 was Ryan calling Graham 'grandad'.

ETA: Knew I was forgetting something. My summary of S11:


And to go with that, I bring you something silly. From the comments of a post about Resolution (even the link is spoilery! Don't hover over!), here is a 'Leaked script extract':

DALEK 1 swings round to cover Ryan.

Dalek: You will be exterminated!
Ryan: That's not cool, bro.
Graham: Yeah, why d'you have to be so aggressive?
Doctor: 'E can't elp it. It's 'is genetic programming. Isn't that right, chuck?
Dalek: I - I - I -
Doctor: Come on, flower. Let it all out.
Dalek: (bursts into tears) They made me do it. The bad Daleks. Davros.
Yaz: Do I have anything to do in this scene?
Doctor: Come on, fam. Let's all make an inclusive space for Daisy, here.
Dalek: (hesitantly) Dai-sy? Is - is that my new name?
Graham: 'ere, just a minute, Doc. That thing tried to exterminate Ryan.
Doctor: If you are going to be aggressive again, Graham, you can't travel with me any longer.
Ryan: Fair do's, Grandad. (He and Graham fist bump)
Doctor: Now, come on, fam. Let's make the power hug circle.

(They all form a circle around DALEK 1 and sing Kum By Yah. In a quavering, metallic voice, the Dalek joins in. They all grin and ... crash in end title music.)

It's possible there was something else I meant to say, but I am 3/4 of the way through a Fifth Doctor story and would like to see how it ends. :) (I am watching Classic Who backwards. I saw the movie years ago and most of Seven. I have now watched the rest of Seven, all of Six (♥) and have now started on Five. It's all been far more engaging than S11. (Go on Chibnall. Prove me wrong!)

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Date: 4 January 2019 12:02 pm (UTC)
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Apparently it was because they'd run out of Christmassy ideas, which I can understand.

See, to me that makes no sense. There was nothing particularly Christmassy about Husbands of River Song or Doctor Mysterio, or most of the RTD era Christmas specials. They could have just put a paper crown on the Doctor and that would have been enough to call it a Christmas episode. I would have been much more understanding if Chibnall had said that he specifically wanted to write an episode set during New Year or that he didn't feel comfortable writing a Christmas-themed episode when there is a muslim character in Team Tardis.


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