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Date: 18 December 2018 12:18 pm (UTC)
elisi: Candide as criticism of Chibnall Who (Chibnall)
From: [personal profile] elisi
Broadchurch was humorless, cop/small town procedural, delving into the lives of the town-people while investigating a horrible crime.
Yes, it was massively popular over here, although no one ever mentioned the 'humourless' aspect. :)

Doctor Who isn't really a hugely character driven series -- you don't have an ensemble cast like Broadchurch. It's more plot driven, with an episodic style. Also the main focus is usually on the Doctor -- companions come and go, so the companions add to his arc, not the other way around.
Hmm. I'd say this was more true of the Classic show - New Who has always been big on characters and arcs, which is why this one feels so empty. And generally the Companions' arcs are what drives the overall story, as Moffat once said, the story happens to the Companion. From that first step inside the TARDIS and then until they leave; there is usually some sort of hero's journey. Of course RTD & Moffat also delved into the Doctor and his issues, so we are used to the show being FULL of character. Hence this season feeling very flat.

Chinball is more of a ensemble character driven writer than plot driven writer. He works better with large ensembles, and doesn't like to give much character arc to the leads -- he's not used to a central lead style episodic series. He's used to an ensemble style serial
Well he was the guy who oversaw Torchwood (because RTD had way too much on his plate) and although S1 is horribly bleak, there was plenty of characters stuff & arcs and all the rest. And Jack's opaque character was explained eventually, and was a deliberate choice. So it just baffles me how a man known for character work can write something so bland as S11.

specifically the character of Graham, which is okay, I guess. But why should I care about Graham?
He's a middle-aged white guy? IDK.

I have a feeling after about a season or two, we'll get a new Doctor and a new show-runner. Which you can do with Doctor Who rather easily if it doesn't work
You say 'easily', but sadly that is not the case. You need someone both deeply 'versed in the show AND who has experience with being a showrunner. Hence RTD & Moffat tapping Chibnall. I literally have no idea who could take over...
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