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Date: 18 December 2018 01:29 am (UTC)
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Broadchurch was humorless, cop/small town procedural, delving into the lives of the town-people while investigating a horrible crime. S1 -- a child is murdered -- turns out by his molester. Olivia Coleman is amazing in it by the way, so is Jodi Whittacker as the mother of the murdered boy, Coleman plays a detective -- it's a small-town secrets tale. S2 - They investigate all these missing kids, who got killed. S3 - they investigate a rape. (See - dark stuff. And very angsty. Although it never dives into melodrama.)

Season 1 was really good. S2 was boring -- and drug. Season 3...sigh, only slightly better. He gets VERY issue oriented, and preachy in his writing, and isn't a comedy writer. Also lots of plot holes...not the tightest writer on the planet.

I honestly think he was a bad fit for Doctor Who. Doctor Who requires a writer who can do dramedy, which isn't easy to do, and handle sci-fantasy. Chinbal just feels off to me. Granted, I swung more towards Moffat than Davies -- mainly because I thought Moffat was better at comedy and plotting.

Doctor Who isn't really a hugely character driven series -- you don't have an ensemble cast like Broadchurch. It's more plot driven, with an episodic style. Also the main focus is usually on the Doctor -- companions come and go, so the companions add to his arc, not the other way around.

Chinball is more of a ensemble character driven writer than plot driven writer. He works better with large ensembles, and doesn't like to give much character arc to the leads -- he's not used to a central lead style episodic series. He's used to an ensemble style serial. In Broadchurch -- we got very little on David Tennant's world-weary detective -- at least not until S2, the focus was mainly on the supporting or subsidiary characters. And I'm seeing that happening here as well -- the focus is less on the Doctor, and more on the companions, specifically the character of Graham, which is okay, I guess. But why should I care about Graham?

I have a feeling after about a season or two, we'll get a new Doctor and a new show-runner. Which you can do with Doctor Who rather easily if it doesn't work. I do hope they stay with a female Who for a bit, or if not, an POC Who. I'm sort of tired of the White Guys.
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