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Date: 8 December 2018 06:30 pm (UTC)
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That's precisely what I loved about the vid, that it managed to show Rose as an important Companion for the Doctor (both on a Doylist and a Watsonian level - the shot of her and Nine walking around) without diminishing the others.
*nods* as one of my friends once said (re. another verse and other ships): 'I think we love ways, not in amounts'. Saying that the Doctor loved Rose *more* is a fool's errand, because how can you measure that? They're not in competition. (Cue one of my favourite drabbles: "Yeah, I know what an allegory is," said Ace.

And I really need to get my hands on some Classic Who, but this also fills me with a lot of trepidation because there is just so much of it, you know? *flails*
I hear ya. I have watched a smattering of episodes from the different eras (quite randomly, so one of Three's episodes was on TV and then someone gave me one of Four's and someone else lent me some from the Five and Six eras...), but what I have found works best is to watch through an era from the start, so you get the rhythm of it and the ongoing arc/story development etc. I watched all of Seven, which is (in tone and view) far closer to New Who than you would think - generally good diversity and writing, smart stories (a few of the early ones are a bit wobbly, but the later ones are some of the best of the show, ever), and a very tricksy Doctor who reminds me of Eleven. I'm now watching Six and I love him. He's a bit Twelve-like (a bit blunt & very confident), but without any of the angst. And it wonderful to find out all the history. <3

One of my friends has just watched through all of Four - someone of it was less great than other stuff, but once you get into the right headspace you forget about all the bad special effects and just watch for the stories & the characters.

/long ramble

Oh - although most (probably all) of Classic Who is on Daily Motion. There are ads, the quality is sometimes not amazing, but it's free. :)

Also meant to congratulate you on your icon, I remember when and why those were created. :D
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