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Date: 27 August 2017 05:24 pm (UTC)
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When I think about how good the gender politics of a show are likely to be before watching it, I usually ask a set of questions something like:
Those are good questions.

but because it spun out of Buffy which was its opposite in so many ways
Yeah, this. And - like I say above in a comment - Angel had loads of great female characters. They just... kept dying. :(

they were so differentiated, like I still get chills thinking about how Dawn sat with Tara's body for hours because she didn't want her to be alone. And Willow sought vengeance and Buffy sought justice and Xander felt helpless and Anya put aside her own anger and alienation to come help them and I don't know, there's just a richness to it that Angel always seemed to lack.
Hmmm. I see what you're saying (and all your points about Seeing Red are absolutely spot-on), but the stories are different. Tara is an accidental victim, where Fred was chosen specifically because Knox practically worshipped her - at the heart of Fred's death lies objectification. And I'm not sure that's really dealt with? The line between Knox and Wesley is blurry. ETA: I love Wesley, and how utterly messed up he is. But Fred's death (having just watched it) is milked for all it's worth. Watch the beautiful, brave woman die, horribly and in pain. (As it happens, my iTunes shuffle has just come up with A Dazzling End...)

Like, maybe try writing a bigger range of emotions and behavior for your female characters rather than having them killed and their bodies possessed by entirely different characters.
*snerk* Nice one.

Anyway, I'll stop using your post as an excuse to rag on Angel. ;)
I love Angel to tiny itty bitty pieces (see picking up a stupidly long WIP), but I am well aware of its many flaws.
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