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Date: 26 August 2017 03:32 am (UTC)
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No outrage at the humans? / tbh I blame those who sent her.
– Totally outraged at the humans. But they’re desperate and … you can sort of squint and choose to believe / hope that they asked for volunteers instead of just ordering someone to do it. (They didn’t, obviously, and it’s still wrong even if they did, but…)

Back to the idea of Time Lords seen as vengeful gods, it’s like that line of Malcolm’s in Macbeth IV.iii, isn’t it?

You may deserve of him through me, and wisdom
To offer up a weak poor innocent lamb
To appease an angry god.

Yeah. Totally outraged at the humans.

There are multiple lessons. … there are particular issues here (and later) that are important.
– Curious to learn more, and hoping that all will be revealed, eventually.

He just wants to do something specific, and FIX things. But it's a lot more complicated... / «But have you talked to them? Any of them? Personally?» she interrupted.
– Yeah. It’s like, supposedly Aeneas plucks the golden bough just once and it marks him out as a hero for all time. Except the golden bough hesitated in coming to his hand even in that supposedly hero-defining moment and it is a lot more complicated and messy when other people are involved.

They are such a great double act.
– Yes. With world enough and time to learn to trust each other, which presumably is what they’ve run out of at the end of the chapter, they could be really quite amazing.

Plus, in that case it would just have been The Shadow Proclamation taking over wholesale.
– I guess a bit of me imagined the Seeker takes the humans away to another human world and then the Crinitus get their planet back, and does anyone need to tell the Shadow Proclamation? I mean, what are the humans going to say? We had enslaved a population but then we were kidnapped, we’d like you to take us back so we can get back to enslaving them and stealing their planet’s mineral wealth? The Crinitus would take one look at the non-furry bipeds and probably decide not to talk with them on principle – sudden irrelevant memory of Four and Romana II, with Four rooting around below the TARDIS central column and Romana saying “Oh, Doctor, last time you tried that…” followed of course by an explosion and smoke…

Well, he's not killing anyone.
– Sure. It’s an inexact parallel. He… probably isn’t making it worse, at least not yet. The humans and the Crinitus going to war was possibly eventually going to happen anyway. I’m a bit worried about the humans and the Crinitus somehow now hurting each other worse because of the Time Lord interference (like Tybalt stabbing Mercutio under Romeo’s arm while Romeo thought he was making a peace deal, and that may be the first and only Romeo / Seeker comparison that ever happens. :)

the simplest thing in the world for him to create something like the Archangel network
– Though if he were to do that he would end up with Roda determined to kill him for proving that he is the Master after all, essentially if not technically, so, I imagine that not wanting to live down to Roda’s fears of him is hindering him from taking that nearest way. The fact that it’s the wrong thing to do also weighs in, I’m sure.

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