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Date: 11 August 2017 09:02 am (UTC)
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but he also sees that it will make her think that he can’t possibly be the Master because the Master wouldn’t do that, that was the whole point of the Master. So perhaps not reckless at all.
I'd like to think he's not QUITE that calculating. Also it does cost him down the line...

Definitely. Though I’m not sure the Shadow Proclamation aren’t going to execute the Captain for enslaving another species for seventy years and stealing their resources, but yes, if they’re the official police force and that authority is vested in them and not in random Time Lords
This, exactly.

(not sure we ever found out by whom, or how they interact with Tasha Lem and co.)
I am sure they co-exist quite happily.

I’m not sure why the guards fall for it, and can’t see that they are complicit as well, but perhaps the Seeker is “leaning” on them, or just relying on their confusion at no longer having Toclafane knives at their throats?
Bit of everything, really. A good bit of raw power being thrown about, and he certainly is very authoritative.

I did love this sentence and this contrast
Me too, and I have Lamia to thank for it. :)
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