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Date: 5 August 2017 09:46 am (UTC)
elisi: (Stepping Sideways)
From: [personal profile] elisi
You are like an encyclopedia of Classic Who quotes... (well, quotes fullstop.)

– Not called the Seeker for nothing, this one. :)
He chose his name well, all those years ago.

– To be fair, insofar as we’ve seen their MO, this seems about right…
Well, there are the scenes in Stolen Earth.

– And a whole thesis could be written about this self-correction.
Be my guest!

– Goodness, has he met Mr Goodacre, sorry, the Doctor?
Heh. And now I want to read Peter Wimsey...

– enjoys watching the wheels turn.
Yes, this is all about the Seeker slowly catching up and working things out.

– And… bingo.
Very smart. (Quite Wimsey-like, in certain aspects.)

– Well, to be fair, she doesn’t know you or trust you yet, sunshine. I mean, yes, from his point of view, fair enough, but equally fair from hers.
Yes, this fic is very much exploring their innate differences and how they approach events from completely different angles.

– Continuing to work it all out, on multiple levels. That‘s our Seeker.

– Job already done, mate. Though there aren’t many things as dangerous as someone who is sure they know what they’re doing, and don’t need to consider other points of view…
Very true. I'm afraid he is a very nasty piece of work.

– Again, the phrase “bang to rights” seems not unapt. Which leaves open the question of whether the Shadow Proclamation is partly just a double-bluffing front for some really incredibly adept and clever operatives. Probably not, unfortunately…
DONNA: So go on then, what is the Shadow Proclamation anyway?
DOCTOR: Posh name for police. Outer space police. Here we go.

He… what? Oh dear. I mean, yes, he probably just signed his own death warrant if that mental tug that the Seeker felt earlier was the Toclafane returning
Of course I can say nothing.

which of course will make Roda even less willing to believe him that he isn’t the Master, particular given the chapter one throwaway (ha!) remark that “it was past The Year That Never Was for her” so she’ll know precisely what they are.
But I love seeing your thoughts and conclusions. :)

Very curious as to whether the Captain is still alive at the end of the next chapter…
Writing Who fic: Kills main character.
Readers: I wonder if the *killer* will still be alive...
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