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Date: 1 August 2017 05:41 am (UTC)
elisi: (Stepping Sideways)
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– Given the torture during the Year that Never Was, this seems not entirely fair, but the Seeker is, as you say, towards the end of his tether…
He is also being given an insight into how she actually feels re. his father, and it's not nice. Because in her reaction, he can the fallout of his father's actions. There's a reason she's so cautious and antagonistic.

– So, so imaginable. Let alone the question of whether there was anyone to answer even the more desperate cries, and the likelihood that there wasn’t.
Yes, it's sadly very plausible. People don't end up as villains because it's the fun option...

This is brilliant. I don’t remember before there being bits where you show us the Seeker learning to do this.
Hence writing this. :)

We see him learn he can stop being deathly afraid of it in A Good Day, and in the post-epilogue chapter to Dating he has it already figured out and has been doing it for centuries, but seeing him learning how to get from A to B, and presumably making mistakes along the way, feels like a quite important missing piece, now you start filling it in.
And he's aware that it doesn't happen by itself. There will be pitfalls he can't know about (black swans, unknown unknowns) and since it's people's lives he'll be playing with, he wants to know as much as he can before he embarks on the project wholesale.

As you can imagine, Roda does not really understand or appreciate this viewpoint.
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