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I didn't realise The Last Leg was [back] on!! I thought it had finished for the summer.

But huzzah, it's here to offer its own inimitable perspective on a female Doctor:

I have a ton of links & stuff re. the new Doctor, but tbh I'm not sure anything is gained by sharing it? Like, first of all I'll be preaching to the choir (I presume and hope), and secondly, I'm happy just being excited.

However I did want to share the icon I made. Owls (I think, or maybe it was Proton) pointed out how Thirteen's happy face upon seeing the TARDIS was just like Eleven's. So I made this. Feel free to snag. :)

Also, this Guardian article offers a lot of good insights. The thing is, you can't play the Doctor without BEING the Doctor, and Jodie certainly seems perfect:

1. The gift of the gab: “She’s fearless, that’s the thing. And when she decides she wants a job – and she’s quite selective about what she wants to do – she goes into a room and convinces them that they have to have her.”

2. The personality: At school, she has confessed, she didn’t have much interest in academic subjects, but was an unfailing show-off. “I was the attention-seeking child in class who needed everyone to look at meeee!”

:D :D :D

ETA: It's a funny thing though, the people who are 'not sexist, they just don't want a female Doctor' (a lot of them, sadly, being women). Or who just 'don't think it's the right time'. (Which, seriously? It's good the Suffragettes and those fighting for say, Civil Rights & Gay Marriage didn't take that stance.) The best way to change things is to just go ahead and change things. Nothing happens in a vacuum. People have been talking about a female Doctor since... the 80s? Moffat introduced one in 1999. And she was brilliant.

Also, I still remember how cross everyone was about Matt Smith, because he was too young and had no eyebrows.

(Re. meta on The Doctor Falls... um, I have started. Honest. Life is just being very busy.)

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Date: 30 July 2017 11:01 am (UTC)
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Actually I think I have downloaded it a couple of times; one was lost, but the last time was a link I think you sent me. I have copies of every episode of the new show (except S8 & 9; first three of S7 - not all the best, but I might watch them some time) mostly because I know I will want to see Bill Potts eventually and I know you loved Clara so I will hopefully get my mojo back and write soeme fic for you.

Now RTD & Moffat are gone maybe the show will produce something I can hook on to, but I can't imagine it will ever recapture the real magic that Doctor Who used to have; S5 with Rory and Amy and Wee!Amelia almost caught it, but it escaped.

The Library eps and Blink are great TV SF; Blink some of the best ever made for TV, and I really want to write more Sally 'Shipton' stories some day. If I ever write River Song though there will be little relationship with her story as it developed after S5; hated that so much I haven't watched any new NuWho since I stopped at the mid S6 break; even with all the intriguing Clara/Bill Potts etc stuff.

At the time I didn't think much of who would be the new Doctor, and I remember saying to you I didn't and still don't like Peter Capaldi much - his work on TV and Radio not him, as AS The Doctor he has been just about as magical with fans as anyone I can think of in any role anywhere, but I think some part of me really wanted it to be a woman, though I didn't realise it at the time (part of my delight this time is that that same part of me didn't really expect it to happen at all - ever).

Going on too long, so I'll shut up now. Thanks for the card by the way; only one I got, so star prize to you ;-)


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