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Date: 16 June 2017 09:26 pm (UTC)
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I have wondered before (and written about in RP settings) whether the Master's version of good if they somehow genuinely turned to benevolence, would actually be more rigidly Team Free Will than the Doctor. A bit like Lady Me, seeing beauty in Bill sacrificing herself to correct what was, after all, Bill's own mistake in placing the Doctor's life above all of Earth. How dare the Doctor try to take that choice away from Bill, they might say. Indeed, how dare the Doctor make the deaths of 'all those people who die' so he can live all about his grief and guilt. Those were acts of love.

I hesitate to call such an outlook Lawful Good. It might be Chaotic Good, given the emphasis on choice, but when I was writing in character it felt very consistent and orderly. You shouldn't go around abrogating automony just it ~~feels~~ right or gets you the results you want. And if you do coerce obedience, be damn clear with yourself that's what your doing, and be very sure you can live with both and good results. So the version of the Master I was playing would say.

Was it just me or was the Doctor at the end of Empress of Mars teetering dangerously close to telling Miss that to be good she has to obey him, rather than her choosing, of her own free will, to help people? She did break the rules that he says they agreed to, so it's not quite full on 'Obey Me', but it was still a little unpleasant to watch.

Edit: I just remembered he did go full on Obey Me with Bill in Lie of the Land. "I order you" when reasoning with her wasn't working. Fortunately, he didn't have any way to actually make her follow orders. And what a flip from Thin Ice, when he tells her it's her planet and he follows her orders. I really, really liked that bit at the time. I thought maybe he'd mostly resolved that insolvable conflict in his morals.
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