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Date: 15 June 2017 12:35 pm (UTC)
elisi: (Missy)
From: [personal profile] elisi
I'm just gonna reply to your editing comments here, because it ended up being of substance

*I* decapitated the quote by isolating just the one bit of it ages ago. I've always wanted to have a context for restoriing the rest of it because by itself it's only a fragment of the point Eliot was making.
To be fair, we've not had a Tiresias figure until now. And I added 'All the Doctors are one Doctor' to my meta, which amuses me, but also fits. :)

Was also thinking about how in Empress of Mars, Missy has both male and female mirrors.
*keeps falling down Alice in Wonderland rabbithole*

Hmmm. I think that Missy, by virtue of being such a long-standing element of the show, will always retain some element of being outside of it? It's like River: 'I'm a walking, talking metatextual element in your own story." Not by virtue of timely-wimey, but by coming from 'before.'
True. Missy can evaluate all of the Doctor, not just the current situation.

If she leaves the box, she is no longer that character--she becomes the role again. I think Tiresias can be, essentially, Missy-in-the-Box.
This was exactly the conclusion I came to as well! :D

Unless she doesn't. If she breaks out of the Box and the Role, well. That's the goal, isn't it? In which case, being Tiresias actually had a point. In which case alchemy is possible. In which case, why couldn't the Doctor break out of his boxes as well?
*crosses fingers & toes and everything else*

Re: Under the Lake/Before the Flood: not Whithouse's best, but I think there's more there than we realized at the time.
Yeah, I added a single line, but just don't have the brain space to tackle it properly. (Although dear god, Clara... 'You have made yourself *essential* to me. Die with whoever comes after me, you do NOT leave me' I can't think of another companion like her.)
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