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Date: 15 June 2017 11:47 am (UTC)
promethia_tenk: (missy back)
I'm just gonna reply to your editing comments here, because it ended up being of substance:

I was wondering about [including the Tiresias part of the Eliot quote about all the women are one woman], because it feels a little like decapitating the quote?
*I* decapitated the quote by isolating just the one bit of it ages ago. I've always wanted to have a context for restoriing the rest of it because by itself it's only a fragment of the point Eliot was making.

Was also thinking about how in Empress of Mars, Missy has both male and female mirrors.

My only reservation is that Missy might step up & become involved in the action - but I guess FOR NOW she is Tiresias? It certainly fits with the eyes. So thank you, I was not all that happy with it, but didn't want to leave it out.
Hmmm. I think that Missy, by virtue of being such a long-standing element of the show, will always retain some element of being outside of it? It's like River: 'I'm a walking, talking metatextual element in your own story." Not by virtue of timely-wimey, but by coming from 'before.'

Also, and the story is flirting heavily with this, because the character is necessarily evil, her role is inevitably constrained. She is, in a weird way, more free in this season than she would be if she was running around. Out of the box, she must always, inevitably, default to evil in the end. She becomes a role. In the box, she is the observer, outside of events. She is Fry!Master. If she leaves the box, she is no longer that character--she becomes the role again. I think Tiresias can be, essentially, Missy-in-the-Box.

Unless she doesn't. If she breaks out of the Box and the Role, well. That's the goal, isn't it? In which case, being Tiresias actually had a point. In which case alchemy is possible. In which case, why couldn't the Doctor break out of his boxes as well?

[Context for those unfamiliar: back between season five and six, I wrote a fic/meta in which River and a reincarnation of the Master played by Stephen Fry meet in a white space outside the narrative called The Meta. They discuss the role of evil on Doctor Who and the construction of their identities in relation to that of the Doctor. Evilness vs. the Doctor.]

Re: Under the Lake/Before the Flood: not Whithouse's best, but I think there's more there than we realized at the time.
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