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Date: 10 June 2017 12:39 pm (UTC)
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The Daemons did it first!! It's a good trope.
– The Daemons, Scaroth, the Silence, ... someone must have written crack!fic about all the different alien species who have guided earth from the very beginning (arguably including the Doctor) meeting up from time to time and arguing about it, right?

Your explanation of the Monks being a metaphorical vehicle (engine?) rather than the main point of the story, like the Starwhale in The Beast Below, is very helpful. I can stop worrying about the details of the Monks. (If the point of the simulations is that the Monks learn what goes wrong with their plans in a less expensive setting so they can correct for it, it still seems odd that the Monks are fooled the same way the second time. But I get that that isn’t the point of this story.)

But it still feels... un-Doctor-ish for the Doctor to wait six months while people are being killed and taken to concentration camps. That kid whose mother was taken away at gunpoint... the human race may forget the Monks, but I don’t think that kid is going to forget that. Or the ones whose parents were killed. Yes, the Doctor waits a year in S3, but there’s a timey-wimey reset switch for most of that.

“So is this how it works, Doctor? You never interfere in the affairs of other peoples or planets, unless there's children crying?” There were children crying. And sure, the Doctor was a prisoner without his TARDIS (like that’s ever stopped him before: “On the run, no Tardis. No friends, no help. In other words, the Doctor, happy”, or, as his friend remarks, “I once built a gun out of leaves. Do you think I couldn't get through a door if I wanted to?”), and for the first six weeks Nardole was out of action and couldn’t have brought the TARDIS anyway, but the next four and a half months?

I get that we’re exploring a different aspect of the Doctor here, and his gruff irritation at humans not learning from their mistakes (“No, it's really quite annoying”) is entertainingly different from anything that Eleventy might have said. But allowing the world six months of hell to make a philosophical point to Bill about Free Will – I hope she writes a very shade-casting essay.
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