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Date: 10 June 2017 11:34 am (UTC)
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the Monks pretending to have been there from the beginning the way the Silence had been.
The Daemons did it first!! It's a good trope.

take over the race that would eventually give rise to the church that would create you
Did the Church create the Silence?? I know the Church used them (as confessors, and to guide humanity), but I don't remember the Silence being their creation.

They run.” felt like a very efficient callback to Eleventy getting rid of the Silence in The Day of the Moon.
I love that bit. <333 And Day of the Moon was definitely better in that regard, but then Day of the Moon was part of a different story, with a different aim. Told out of sequence.

The Monks trilogy is mid-season, and I doubt we'll see the Monks again. Like on Buffy, they are there to highlight issues with the characters, mirroring and moving the story forwards, rather than part of the overall arc.

You keep reminding me not to ask “why?” and I keep failing to do that when stories don’t sufficiently distract me from it.
Well you can certainly ask 'Why', it's just that plot holes do not bother me if the emotional/metaphorical parts hang together. Re. using the TARDIS, then the point of the exercise was (from the Doctor's POV) to make sure that Bill hadn't been brainwashed. He needed the confrontation to test her. From Bill's POV it's almost the same - she wanted to make sure that the Doctor hadn't REALLY joined the Monks. If he had, should they hand his TARDIS back to him?

Or if the Doctor can summon up regeneration energy to fake a regeneration, he could have healed his eyes long ago.
He says he can't, so he can't. In Extremis he borrows from a future regeneration, and worries about the implications. A lightshow is very different from healing.

why can’t they also predict the plot that’s going to stop them?
For the same reason they couldn't predict the Doctor sending that email in the simulation. They're foiled by Bill's mother. (Indeed, they are there to welcome the Doctor and his helpers, being fully aware of what the Doctor wants to try to do, and the Doctor (as they would have known) fails.)

Again, it feels like they need to be particularly not-rubbish right up until the moment the plot needs them to be rubbish.)
They have one failing, and it's used both times. It's perfectly consistent.

Maybe The Lie of the Land was the Monks learning first-hand the way the Doctor works just as Pyramid was the Doctor learning first-hand the way the Monks work, and the Doctor thinks he has won and they have fled but it will turn out that’s not really what happened. Hmm.
That is very clever, but I suspect the finale will be something to do with Missy. Like I say above, this three-parter is mostly metaphorical. Like... The Beast Below teaching us things about Eleven & Amy, rather than being *about* Starwhales.
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