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Date: 8 June 2017 08:43 pm (UTC)
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There are SO MANY OTHER THINGS, that I figured what I had seemed vaguely coherent, so I'd rather discuss all the other stuff in more depth before trying to tackle it. So this is like 'part 1 of ongoing stuff'. ;)
Seems like a good approach. And I have this strong suspicion that this is an episode that we're going to end up having a lot more to say about by the end of the season.

It got hijacked by politics... If there hadn't been an election happening, I suspect my thoughts would probably have been more coherent.
*hugs fiercely*

This. Which I think I have sort of expressed, if a lot less coherently. (Brain like syrup.)
Yeah, major portions of what you've written are basically saying that, but over the course of today it kinda snapped in my brain: that's it. That's the one point I'd want to make about this episode, above any other.

And I think this is also an important part of it?:

It’s almost Doctor Who by numbers: World in peril, love saves the day.
Because it is Doctor Who by numbers. It is a very nice Doctor Who story. In an episode that explicitly tells us over and over to question the narratives we're being handed.

:D (I *do* like Whithouse.)
Me toooooooo <3 At this point I'm thinking he should probably never be given the reins of the show (waaaaay too depressing), but I think the show does benefit from letting him in to savage everything from time to time . . .

Yeah, there is so much there, but it seems... one step removed? Doctor-Clara-Missy was a three-way mirror, but here the Monks are reflections of the Doctor, and Missy is a reflection of the Doctor, and the Doctor is in the middle, but Missy is not reflecting the Monks in that sense.
Yes. Well put--I think that's exactly it. Whithouse has upped his game: two complicated, multi-faceted monsters to mirror the Doctor.

(*snort* just remembered Twelve to Clara: Why've you got three mirrors? It is because your face is so wide?)

(So tired. Stupid brain. Stupid worries about politics.)
One way or another, we are getting through this week!!

ETA: Btw check out the fic-comment on the LJ side. You will like. :)
Oh. I did. And I did =D
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