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Date: 7 June 2017 06:29 pm (UTC)
gillo: (Spring flowers 2)
From: [personal profile] gillo
My instinct is to say the worst Tories do evil, but no doubt they sleep at night by explaining to themselves why their policies are right and Good.

I hope it's going to be close, but I've read some alarming things about Tory use of Facebook recently, which may suggest it's going to be less close than we hope.

And how can Miss M be voting? She's 13, surely? (And the Cherub is a toddler. I know...) I'm sure you have brought her up to vote thoughtfully - and to vote - and I sincerely hope all her friends will vote too.

Also, Marina Hyde sums it up for me: "For all his crowds now, however, it is notable that both Corbyn and May failed to meaningfully turn up for the EU referendum campaign last year, and saw the side that they nominally backed lose. To see them offered now as an either/or to the electorate is an unfortunate reminder that the cop-outs have inherited the Earth." Not to mention "May should no longer suffer from delusions of adequacy. For many Conservatives, in perennial search of a new Iron Lady, she has revealed herself as the Iron Pyrite Lady."
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