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Date: 7 June 2017 11:49 am (UTC)
elisi: (Democracy)
From: [personal profile] elisi
Best of luck.
Thank you. We'll need it.

I still don't get how the Brexit thing can be so contentious, and yet the party who promise a hard Brexit are expected to win by a wide margin, but I guess Labour are too divided on it to make it a big election issue...?
Well, it's complicated. I still have no idea why people vote Tory, so I'm not really the best person to ask.

I'm hoping to visit the UK this summer, and I've been joking that I better take the chance while I can. Listening to Theresa May, I'm not sure it's a joke anymore.
We'll come while you can. And before we turn into the latest Dr Who episode.

ETA: Also, that someone can run for PM and refuse to debate her opponents? Makes me think of this.
*snerk* And who knows. She keeps bleating 'Strong and stable' and how she's the only person who can get a good Brexit deal, but she's too cowardly to meet her political opponents. (As someone on Twitter said, she's missed several job interviews now, someone should sanction her benefits.) However, she has the rich on her side, so...
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