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Right so, SPOILERS for tonight's episode (The Lie of the Land). Quite probably only amusing for the Brits out there (knowledge of British politics - Corbyn specifically - required).

Well, tonight Miss M (eldest daughter) watched the show with me.

When it finished, we had a chat & I told her about the previous episode having featured Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un & Jeremy Corbyn in the script stage instead of the army captains...

And then she pointed out, that OBVIOUSLY they couldn't have done that in the episode itself, as Corbyn's motive would have been pure & then HE would have been the link!!

Which then conjured up images of Corbyn in Bill's stead, all calm & resigned & "Now Doctor, I have had a good life. I have always tried to do what's best, serving my country, this is a good way to go..."

And THEN the screens/transmittor would be flooded with images of manhole covers - and then we couldn't breathe for quite a while.

I AM SO SORRY FOR INFLICTING THIS ON YOU. Proper meta coming, honest. *g*
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