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Date: 2 June 2017 05:13 pm (UTC)
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I’m pretty sure the Doctor knew their show of force would fail, but he also knew that getting them to put on a united front could be no bad thing…
He's smart, is that Doctor. ;)

Ooooh, I like it
She's an apt pupil.

Oh, Bill <3 Love all your character analysis here.
Thank you! <3

I was also thinking – is Bill the first New Who companion who hasn’t had her first ‘saving the Doctor’ moment until midway through the season?
I'm pretty sure Proton mentions that in her post? (Great minds think alike though.) And yes, it's interesting.

Interesting that Bill’s Save the Doctor/Doom the World moment is one and the same (v like, as you say, River in TWoRS) and that the Saving part of that has come so late in the series.
Late AND early - dooming the world is usually later. It'll be fascinating where they go with this.

I like that what has won Bill her place in the Tardis is not that she’s a mystery, or that she’s somehow ‘earned’ it in payment for saving the Doctor’s life, but just that she’s clever and curious and has potential and she and the Doctor get on so well.
This, so much. He just likes her. And he *teaches* her, which is wonderful. (Nice science-y things to begin with, not 'How To Be A Doctor'.)

I’ve been thinking about that poem a LOT over the past year /o\
It's a poem?
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