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Date: 2 June 2017 07:04 am (UTC)
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The ‘love’ thing is important too. It sounds as if the Monks require people to love them, but it turns out that people’s *motives” have to be pure (based on love). If you think this is silly, please remember that Moffat Who isn’t sci-fi proper, it’s a fairy tale. And this fits perfectly. Much like the characters in Once Upon A Time might try ‘Love’s True Kiss’ to solve a problem, thus it’s nicely logical for the Monks to require ‘a pure heart’ upon which to build the empire…

The bit I really have trouble with so far is just how insubstantial the Monks' motivation for the whole "consent" thing seems. They can't rule by fear, since that will just make people hate them and fight against them, so they want to rule in the name of the people instead; fine, there's a reason that works frighteningly well in real life. But populism requires a populace. Scaring one person out of seven billion into making this decision isn't going to fix the problem.

And it's not like Moffat hasn't tackled this before. That fantastic scene in "Kill the Moon" of Clara asking people to vote - and billions of people turning off their lights (and TV sets) as if to say "We know you have to do something horrible in our name, fine, just don't make us watch you do it so we have to hold ourselves accountable." He could have easily done something similar here; just pick something that actually noticeably threatens the entire world, quick cuts to a family in London, a family in Kuala Lumpur, a family in Nuuk... Instead he chose an apocalypse that only a handful of people know about, and to put both the audience POV, and the hopes of the Monks, squarely on the idea that everyone will accept Bill as the spokesperson for humanity. And I'm wondering why he did that. Maybe we'll find out tomorrow.
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