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Date: 2 June 2017 06:01 am (UTC)
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he also tests another theory, and proves that military force is a dead end.

Yes. He also presumably wanted the generals to see the outcome. Although since that probably contributed to their despair and capitulation that maybe wasn't so helpful. But then the Doctor has never understood how military men think. (Unless he did with the Brigadier?)

Also, I don't think she knows about regeneration, hence thinking that if he dies, he's gone for good.

Oh good point! Although I admit the possibility of regeneration hadn't occurred to me either. Could a time lord survive a big gas explosion? It would burn or eviscerate both hearts and brains-stems, so I'm assuming not.

Hmm. Even saying that makes me feel horrible. I apologise. Presumably the implications of the explosion was one of the things the BBC cut for obvious reasons.
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