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I am trying to remember what I watched in 2016...

- Bojack (still not finished S3, so no spoilers please)
- Stranger Things (Gorgeous, all round excellent & A+ nostalgia fest.)
- Rick and Morty (Darcy described it as 'offensively funny', which is about right.)
- Victoria (Jenna Coleman can act for England. Literally. More please.)
- Upstart Crow (a gentler Blackadder. Esp loved Mrs Shakespeare)
- RTD's A Midsummer Night's Dream (beyond delightful)

There was other stuff, I think. Like Brooklyn 99. (Haven't seen S3 yet.) Um. Never got round to watching S2 of Poldark. Started The Night Manager, but never finished it. (Darcy got disenchanted, and I realised that Tom Hiddleston reminded me of Darcy's BFF - he has that slightly nervous, very polite posh boy thing going on. It's... not a turn on, shall we say.) (And yes, I just said that I don't find Tom Hiddleston attractive. I may have to relinquish some sort of fannish membership, I'm aware of that...)

But the important ones were/are these:


(Yes, I know S10 of Doctor Who hasn't started yet, but I found a banner with the three shows I actually care about, and it's too perfect not to use!!)

Now the thing about the other two shows is that they BOTH premiered on my birthday! I won the TV show lottery in 2016!! And in a shitty year, that was a pretty awesome thing.

We only started watching Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (re-imagined Douglas Adams, on Netflix) shortly before Christmas and mainlined it over the holiday period (yes, the whole family). And it is RIDICULOUSLY good.

BBC America trailer:

Netflix trailer (slightly more spoilery, if that bothers you):

If you want something to completely take your mind off the current woes (or you just like superb TV) I cannot recommend this enough. It's completely mad and utterly brilliant. Like - it's impossible to describe. Just sit back and experience it.

And Class... Dirk is ~fabulous~ (and both he, and the show, most definitely is), but Class is the show that stole my heart.

Yes, it's well-written and performed and all the rest, but it's also a show that fits 2016/this point in time. Like I said in a previous post, it's a show built on the premise that suddenly one day your world changes. And you just have to deal with it, even if it's unfair, even if it hurts, even if you have plenty of problems already, and the universe just keeps dealing out more.

These words of Quill's are a good motto for the new year:

QUILL: Too big. Feels like [the pain] going to consume you. Well, the trick is to keep on living while it does.

Also I adore all of the characters (and the actors <3) and they are all too compelling and complex and diverse for words. More posts will be forthcoming, but episodes 6, 7 and 8 need... oh god, SO MUCH. Like, essays, each of them.

Anyway, for those that like trailers (even if it spoils certain plot points):

Generally though I'd just say watch the first episode. If you don't like that, you probably won't like the rest. It's coming to America in 2017... Nnnot quite sure when. And it's on iPlayer for those in the UK. (It's wonderful to have a show to be fannish about. Can you tell? *g*)

Also, is the formatting OK [this re. DW]? It should be fine, but I've changed my layout and the preview looks borked. The actual post looks fine, but I'm aware things look different for different people.
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