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Did anyone else watch London Spy (Yesterday, 9th November, 9pm, BBC2).

Basically it's a romance/thriller type thing starring Ben Whishaw. (Don't look it up, all the reviews give everything away.) ETA: Found the article that made me want to watch! Ben Whishaw and Jim Broadbent on London Spy: ‘It’s not a gay story. It’s about guys who happen to be gay’ Part romance, part chilly thriller, the new BBC espionage drama is taking the genre into bold new territory. We go on set with its stars.

(Word of advice: Do not watch it with a) your husband, how doesn't cope well with gay love scenes or b) your 14 year old daughter who happens to be doing her homework in the same room...)

5 parts altogether, I think. Looking forward to the rest. :)

ETA: Daily Mail TV Review Of 'London Spy' Laments The Number Of BBC 'Gay Dramas', Sparks Reader Backlash!

Srsly. When Daily Mail readers tell you you're too homophobic, you need to re-evaluate your priorities. :D
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