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Graham is on grrrrreat form! :D

Opening is fabulous. And they have three ladies hosting? In a variety of colours!

The two older girls are both doing a shared Eurovision chat with their friends.

My parents are still here. My mother doesn't understand... any of it. (It's all very silly and over the top? *g*)

The little movie things reaching across the world are LOVELY! <3

1. Slovenia - Um. Air violin?

2. France - Well that was a thing. Biiiiig ballad

3. Israel - Bouncy middle eastern boyband. But fun. :D

4. Estonia - Not terrible, just not that interesting. (And the girl cried an actual tear!)

5. It's us!!! - I had not seen nor heard it before. Main reaction: Now that was FUN! Different and distinctive and enjoyable. Yes, I like it. :D

6. Armenia - I was told it'd be a night of ballads. Bells! And keychange! And everyone dressed as if they were from Nightvale (according to Miss M). ETA: Graham's comment: 'Oh! That was worse than I remembered...'

7. Lithuania - Round and round and round. Miss M: 'It's got all the cheese...' Graham: 'Get a room you two.' He will neither confirm or deny whether or not they're dating.

8. Serbia - This year's Conchita, according to Graham. Apparently she's terribly popular. I can see why. Holy crap this is BRILLIANT!!! This is what Eurovision is all about!!

9. Norway - Darcy thinks it's rather David Lynch. Rather srs, but heartfelt. Graham thinks they're dressed like they work in a futuristic hospital... Not a bad song, though.

10. Sweden - I can see why it's the frontrunner. VERY good.

11. Cyprus - very nice, but not exciting.

12. Australia - Perfectly serviceable.

13. Belgium - Whoa. Best song by far! Like, I want to buy it. Darcy said it was like Pet Shop Boys plus Daft Punk plus Franz Ferdinand. (And too good for Eurovision.) Damn.

14. Austria - Aaand, it's 1969. ;) V. cosy? And now my mother screamed when the piano set on fire.

15. Greece - Biiiig ballad. But not as big a ballad as Rise like a Phoenix.

16. Montenegro - Um. Very nice, nothing to add.

17. Germany - Slick, but not exciting.

18. Poland - Very inspirational story. Wish the song were better.

19. Latvia - This is the other favourite, I think? V. dramatic.

20. Romania - 'Don't leave your children behind'. Aw.

21. Spain - A ballad with a CAPE! And a sparkly dress and dancing.

22. Hungary - Srs bsns song. Nice harmonies.

23. Georgia - Seems to have escaped from sci-fi movie. Or dystopian fantasy.

24. Azerbaijan - Not bad, but DANCERS!

25. Russia - More of an anthem than a ballad. Very strong. (Mr Putin - you know your stuff.)

26. Albania - If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all.

27. Italy - Operatic Pop Trio according to Graham. ... SO ITALIAN. Now they're singing about 'Amore'. And they can sing! (My mother likes it! *g*)

Wooooo! I am v. happy with the winner. (Liked the Belgian one *more*, but it wasn't all that Eurovision.) And the Swedish winner was so adorably happy. <3

PS. Sorry 'bout vanishing, Darcy wanted his laptop back. Will reply to comments tomorrow...
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