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FYI: Wrote a follow up Imzy post...
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A few notes for those who find the whole thing confusing.

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Finally, since I set up a community I now have... 200 invites! So there's plenty to go round. Just comment with your email address and I'll send one your way. :D
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So, I am slowly trying to get on top of stuff. (Had to go back to skip=100 to catch up on my flist...)

And remembered that I signed up to Imzy. (Partly just so no one else would take 'elisi'.)

Apparently you can only follow communities, not friend other users, and I think that means that elisi is a community? Please let me know if you are there and I'll add you.

I also found this article: Imzy: Can an Ex-Reddit Exec Really Hack the Online Abuse Problem?, which helped explain a lot of why the set-up is the way it is. (The Whys behind the Whos are always useful.)

Oh and I have five two invites [left] if anyone wants one. :)

(The name is good. It sounds whimsical and odd. And does anyone know how to customise beyond adding a userpic? I've looked, but not in any depth.)

ETA: Right, so I went ahead & created a Doctor Who meta community:


Come join me! :)

ETA2: Omg, managing/setting up a community is so much better/clearer than setting up a personal account. Like, you can find stuff, and it makes sense!!


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