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Welcome back to the meta café. It's been a while, since for some reason my brain's not been engaging with meta since about Christmas. However, recently Clara has been demanding my attention, so here is a rather brief overview of some of my thoughts. I've made subheadings in an attempt at introducing some order. It still feels scattered though, because there is so much there and it's a little like trying to illustrate Captain Jack's 20th Century timelines...

ETA: Oh and as per usual half of this (at least) is [livejournal.com profile] promethia_tenk's, as we share a brain.

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Also you should all go read [livejournal.com profile] purplefringe's Incoherent meta ramblings, which are not incoherent at all. Indeed they are fabulous and clever and deep and touch on lots of stuff I meant to talk about, but couldn't fit in this time round.
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New comm(s)!


[profile] clara_who/[community profile] oswalds


Also NEW PICTURES. (Spoilers, obviously. Am unspoiled except for those pictures and the trailer, so please beware!)

ETA: Gorgeous new vid: Beside You (PONDS!)
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OK, gentle readers, the Meta Café is open again. However I'm off out for the day, so play nicely. Also, this post only contains spoilers for what's aired so far (but mostly Asylum of the Daleks) so DO NOT POST SPOILERS! No really, all I know about the rest of S7 is that 16 second trailer for the Christmas Special.

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