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Alternative title: Why Moffat Who is Poetry

Welcome to the meta café! Although this time it's more The Poetry Café (not that there's ever much difference). What I mean is, this post is like a follow-up to The Hollow Men and will be formatted in a similar way: I.e. first up is the poem/imagery, which will then be followed by lengthy, complex and in-depth notes. No really, this is enormous. (I will also write a more regular meta post later, with all the stuff that does not fit into this very specific reading.) Also, although this meta mostly centers on The Doctor Falls, it meanders through a lot of S10, and even further back. And as always, Promethia owns at least half of this.

But first, here is the second half of the fifth and final part of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, as filtered through Moffat Who:


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Cautiously opens the door to the meta café a tiny bit...

I have been saying for years now that Moffat has been re-booting the show… Here is how he did it.

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Pandorica Jar: Steven Moffat and the idea of the female Doctor
So many people seem surprised or even shocked because of Steven Moffat’s “sudden change of mind” regarding female Doctor. I don’t know why, really. But for those who haven’t been paying attention to the question of the female Doctor during the last several years, here’s a cheat sheet.
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For S10 of Doctor Who, can I please have lots of this:

For those unfamiliar with the show, the quote on my icon is also from that episode. It's called 'The Beast Below' and is Eleven's 2nd episode and one of my favourites. Here's another quote, right from the beginning:

DOCTOR: Look at this place. Isn't it wrong?
AMY: What's wrong?
DOCTOR: Come on, use your eyes. Notice everything. What's wrong with this picture? Now, come on, look around you. Actually look.
TANNOY: London Market is a crime-free zone.
DOCTOR: Life on a giant starship. Back to basics. Bicycles, washing lines, wind-up street lamps. But look closer. Secrets and shadows, lives led in fear. Society bent out of shape, on the brink of collapse. A police state.
DOCTOR: Now, police state. Do you see it yet?
AMY: Where?
DOCTOR: There.
(A little girl crying, all alone.)
AMY: One little girl crying. So?
DOCTOR: Crying silently. I mean, children cry because they want attention, because they're hurt or afraid. But when they cry silently, it's because they just can't stop. Any parent knows that.
AMY: Are you a parent?
DOCTOR: Hundreds of parents walking past who spot her and not one of them's asking her what's wrong, which means they already know, and it's something they don't talk about. Secrets. They're not helping her, so it's something they're afraid of. Shadows, whatever they're afraid of, it's nowhere to be seen, which means it's everywhere. Police state.
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Steven Moffat: there was going to be a black Doctor Who
The Doctor Who showrunner is keen to cast two non-white leads because ‘we need to do better on that. We just have to’
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From the Radio Times:

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat quits to be replaced by Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall

Only a Doctor Who Christmas special will air in 2016. Moffat's final series to be broadcast next year in order to create a “huge event” for fans. Chibnall will begin his tenure in 2018

And this seems quite fitting.

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Found this on Facebook. (Not entirely sure how I came across it, but it has lots of lovely stuff).

And from the comments: And it loops back on itself
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Via [livejournal.com profile] gillo (here) this simply made my day. RTD and Moffat are honestly the bestest/most geekiest/fannish showrunners ever. And this proves it. ♥

It all started in DWM 482 when a fan wrote in to ask whether the Doctor was a bigamist, since he was obviously married back on Gallifrey, but has since married Elizabeth I, Marilyn Monroe and River Song. And since it's a show about time-travel, he could easily travel back to when any/all of them were still alive... For the full reply (which is worth reading!!!) go here, but for now the important thing is that in his response Moffat claimed that the Doctor's marriage to Liz I could have been annulled as it was never consummated. RTD took issue with this:

"I love your list in DWM 482 of the Doctor’s many wives. Did you ever think we’d be having that conversation, 10 years ago? But… what’s this? His marriage to Queen Elizabeth the First was unconsummated? But, but, but… in The End of Time Part One, the Tenth Doctor arrives on the Ood-Sphere to greet his old friend Ood Sigma with the words, “Got married. That was a mistake. Good Queen Bess. And let me tell you, her nickname is no longer… ahem.” So, what does that mean, boss? What can it possibly mean?? Steve, what does it MEAN??? Thank you."

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I can't even. ALL HAIL THE MOFF! (And dear old Rusty.) ♥ ♥ ♥

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Via Owls.

From DWM:

RICHARD ELLIOT asks: How do you think the other Masters would react to Missy if they ever met?

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You're all following the Moffat Appreciation thing on Tumblr, right?


(Basic info here.)

Gifs, meta, drawings... All kinds of things. <3
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"Indeed, for all that The Beast Below seems like the outlier of the Moffat era, it is worth making it central and allowing it to serve as its own beast below, so to speak - as the myth upon which everything else is built. This is the place where Moffat picks up the legacy of Doctor Who and declares his own spin on it.

What, then, does Moffat add to this lineage? What does Moffat propose to bring to Doctor Who’s alchemy? A story about the relationship between people and their stories. One that proclaims that when faced with a diseased and rotting story the solution is to simply tell a new one - a better one. One that rejects silence, that treats storytelling as a moral duty and its absence as a moral obscenity. And perhaps most crucially, one that is about a symbolic ascension. Because in the end, the way in which Amy saves Britain’s soul is by finally becoming a creature of narrative and fairy tale, and by embracing that role. How do you save the world from its own intrinsic evil? By being amazing, breaking the rules, and, when the narrative points to something awful, telling a different sort of story.

And so the moral heart of the Moffat era stands, for a moment, revealed - an understanding and principle we can take forward in reading everything else that he does. It is an observation that stems inexorably from the history of alchemy within the series and from the underlying imagery of this story. “As above, so below,” the injunction goes - a declaration that manipulating symbols and manipulating objects is, in some sense, the same thing. That a symbol and a thing are in some sense interchangeable. What is the moral heart of the Moffat era? It is simple.

The secret of material social progress is alchemy."

From: The Alchemists of the Middle Ages Made Transmutation Their Main Aim in Life (The Beast Below) by Dr Philip Sandifer

(Italics mine. Read the whole thing! Especially if you want a better grasp of what Moffat does.)
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“I always worry about responding to it at all, because I then sound desperately defensive and weird if I list all the very strong women that we’ve imported into Sherlock that weren’t even in the original, or the number of times I have the Doctor saved by the women in his life. I just think I sound like a defensive idiot if I do that.
So, what can I say? I think it’s important that there is a feminist critique of television because things that go unquestioned go unchanged and what goes unchanged becomes institutionalized and what becomes institutionalized becomes your fault. So, it should be questioned.
I think some of the criticisms that are aimed at me personally are absurdly over the top and unfair, but then, who said the prosecution has to be fair? And it’s a case that needs to be prosecuted. When it’s personalized insults that my kids can see, that’s pretty bad. That’s bad form, I’d say, and it’s not the way you conduct a reasoned argument. But, as I say, who says the prosecution has to be fair?” —
Moffat (x)
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Good morning! Would you believe it, but I have FINALLY finished my Clara meta. I think I began talking about it at Christmas? I hereby declare the Meta Café open once more!

So far all my Clara meta has been mostly speculative, because we didn’t know who/what she was. This is the opposite. Trying to look at what we know, and how she works. What is her function within the ‘verse?

I’ve said that everything she is (or rather, everything in this meta) is summed up in my icon. So for the purposes of this post I made a bigger version with labels, so you can see what I mean. (Below the cut.) I shall go through all the different aspects one at a time. (Which is difficult because they’re all linked. But that’s Moffat Who for you. Everything is connected. Circles, circles everywhere.) Anyway - subheadings. Hope I've made it easy enough to follow. :)

As always, half of this is [livejournal.com profile] promethia_tenk's. Thank you for... just being you! ♥

And there are SPOILERS for the whole of Eleven's era!

As prep, I'd suggest watching [livejournal.com profile] purplefringe's Never Look Away and [livejournal.com profile] niyalune's The State of Dreaming.

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The Doctor, The Eye Doctor and Me is written by Aboud Dandachi, a Syrian activist and refugee from the city of Homs, The book is a unique interpretation of Doctor Who as it marked its fiftieth anniversary, and a first-hand account of the most devastating period in Syria's modern history.

From the book:

The Doctor. The name he chose for himself, a promise he made.

'What was the promise?' Clara asks, trying to remind the Doctor of the values he set for himself those many years ago.

The Doctor’s promise: 'Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up, never give in.'

Which is a hell of a lot better than the mantra of the Eye Doctor’s supporters: 'Assad or we burn the country.'
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Doctor Who took two awards - best drama and best drama performance for Matt Smith! And Sherlock won in a new TV detective category. (BBC report here.)

ETA: This was my very first Eleven-icon, uploaded mere days after Matt's announcement (when it seemed everyone decided to dislike him on sight):

And oh, it was right! :)

Acceptanace speeches under the cut:

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And - as an extra - here is the fabulous Pre-Movie Theater Introduction for The Day of the Doctor. With and without audience reaction:

Oh and this evening's winning comment was by Miss M: "Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't smile, he triangles!"
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From the BBC: An Evening With Steven Moffat.

(20 minutes long, and very lovely. Although I hope you get interrupted less often than I did, trying to listen to/watch it. Why must the whole family want to talk to me when I am having some peace & quiet?)

Also from the BBC: Amiir and Family: Somalis in Norway. (The story of one family. Go look, trust me. Will make you smile.)

Via my flist: The Power of Poppies on Veteran's Day (Blog post by American soldier currently stationed in Britain.)
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God, What a Bridezilla. Interesting thoughts on how Moffat subverts Amy's wedding. Go read.

sex, gender, and the Doctor . Very thoughtful post on what it would mean for the Doctor to change gender.


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