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Under the cut two performers that really stood out. Especially the first one. I wanted him to just keep singing, so I could keep listening to his voice...

(The second one became very funny once he had finished singing and everyone had turned around, as Rita Ora declared she couldn't look at him, he was too handsome. *g*)

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And we just watched it!!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

I... don't remember if I ever mentioned Bojack? I meant to shout about it, but if I didn't... Bojack Horseman is a Netflix series. See trailer below for an idea of what it's like. Although beware: NSFW. No really. No really. (S1 only has... 13 episodes? You can totally watch it over Christmas.)

Anyway, there was a Christmas Special. I'm so happy. (And there'll be a second season!) Life is good.
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So much fun this year. And some really good entries. Austria might be my favourite, it could be a Bond theme! Also liked Norway, Iceland and Belarus. Norway's, especially, was amazing.

Also Graham Norton > all other presenters. This is now official. :)

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I can pick them up today at 5!

(I shall call them my Sweepstake Boots, because I spent my sweepstake winnings on them!)

Also I keep forgetting to mention Brooklyn 99 which is my new love. It's hilarious and wonderful and I love all the characters and it's properly diverse and just ♥ (We are only up to episode 16 over here - the Captain's birthday party - so please do not spoil me.)

(Promise to reply to comments! Just... busy week and now it's all sunshiny plus my fic is finally co-operating. *crosses fingers*)

ETA: For the past... many weeks, I have been mostly been listening to Vienna Teng's Aims. Consider it recommended!
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Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

I can't even. This is without a doubt the best, most brilliantly constructed, funniest, most intelligent comedy I've ever seen. I can't even begin to describe it. And he is simultaneously deconstructing the whole thing. It might possibly be art. With satire.

Mostly though, then I can't remember the last time I spontaneously applauded the TV. (And laughed my head off at the same time.)

Oh and it's comedy with bite. The first episode tackled social media. Tonight's episode dealt with immigration.

Just watch it. Trust me.
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I realise that I'm 2 1/2 years late, but Darcy and I have just finished S1 of The Bridge (Broen/Bron), and I need someone out there to share my Saga Noren appreciation.

(Yes, we will delve into S2 on iPlayer catch-up asap. Plz don't spoil me.)

Mostly though - Saga. I remember articles at the time praising her, but was there flailing on LJ? In a world largely populated by stoic male heroes, and emotional female ones, the switch in The Bridge was particularly appreciated.

So anyone?

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Must be Christmas, I've watched several things. Minor (spoilery) rambling beneath the cuts.

Avengers )

Death Comes to Pemberley )

Sherlock )
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Life's been v. busy (children's birthday parties and work and just *things*), but I just wanted to tell people that James Corden's new series, 'The Wrong Mans', is very good, and very funny. Proper comedy drama, with plenty of both, and an excellent cast.
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Explanation for non-Brits.

This is one of those little in-between ads from the TV channel Dave (Halfords sponsor motoring programmes as far as I can tell - more ads here if anyone is very curious & very bored). Happened to see it this morning when Darcy was watching Top Gear and it amused me:

Secondly, there's this advert, which has which has received more than 250 complaints! Mostly it just cracks me up:

(This would be the British version of the Cheerios ad, btw. *g*)

Also, this Tumblr has made my day:


ETA: Shark found on New York subway! And here we've been, ridiculing Sharknado...
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Lovely interview with Jessica Hynes here. ("You think of Emily Davison as the only martyr, but it was all quite serious. It was no longer Carry On Up the Suffrage. I was crying into my tea...")

Watched the first episode last night (twice!) and rather loved it. Sort of the opposite of Miranda... Very quiet, very understated, but with real bite. Really can't wait for more.

Seriously though - it's a sitcom about Suffragettes!
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I didn't watch the show live last night, as I was ded from Doctor Who. (Am still trying to gather myself.)

However thanks to the magic of replay I watched Eurovision today (and could skip all the dull songs & the voting!), and here are my highlights:

And then the interval act (well one of them), which was just... outstanding! If you want to know about Sweden, and how they see themselves - or you just want a laugh - watch!

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I missed Ant & Dec last Saturday, so thought I'd catch up tonight... This part left me unable to breathe, I was laughing so hard.

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So, some months ago we got Netflix. When looking through what was available, I noticed Avatar, and - knowing that a portion of my flist adored it - I suggested we watch some of it one night, when Impish Girl had a friend sleeping over and they couldn't make up their mind.

Cue all three of my girls falling for it head-over-heels (the Cherub named a cat-puppet she got for Christmas 'Miyuki' for example) and marathonning the whole thing in a few weeks (possibly less), a pace I couldn't keep up with at all. The upshoot of this is that I keep catching episodes out of order, so I like the show very much, I just need to catch up on all the stuff I've missed. Which I'm sure I eventually will. But I've yet to see the ending, so don't spoil me. I just wanted to say that I *quite* understand what all the fuss is about (even Darcy enjoys it hugely and admires its scope, and he turns his nose up at 99% of stuff).

Plus, Avatar Kyoshi is just plain awesome. <3
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It's not quite Snowmageddon, but it's very pretty. (It's sort of been there since the start of the week, but only enough to make everything all frosted. Now it's actually settling.)

Tonight we decided we'd have a nice family evening, watching a film of some kind and eating marshmallows and other goodies. Darcy thought that maybe The Avengers might be on Netflix. Instead he found Daria - dunno if it's been there all along, or if it's a new addition. Either way, we watched the first four episodes, and the girls are all hooked. We are very happy, and feel that we are succeeding in this whole parenting lark. :) (There's also a heavy case of nostalgia, of course, but... Daria! ♥)

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This week's HIGNFY was fabulous. Jack Whitehall was the host (and I'm not sure if I fancy him, or if I want to mother him - he looks like he's 10, but he's v. adorable in any case and proved a rather nifty host), and one of the guests was Baroness Trumpington, who sits in the House of Lords and is the oldest panelist they've ever had. She was PURE GOLD!

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Missed the start, but there was MORDRED and MERLIN IN DRAG and general AWESOMENESS.

Impish Girl's comments:

At the point where Gwen takes Arthur's hand, and the music is swelling and everything is ~beautiful and ~meaningful: "I would laugh so much right now if she turned around and punched him!"

And then after Gwen is 'healed': "Awww, is she good again now?" *pout* "I thought they were going to kill her..."
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Merlin to cast final spell as creators reveal that current series will be the last.

I can see that it makes sense (and this season has been building things up a lot), but it'll be sad to lose our delightful Saturday entertainment. I'll miss them all. ♥

ETA: The girls were pretty philosophical. Impish Girl's comment (once she'd gotten over her 'They can't DO that!' - Miss M's reply 'Well, all good things must come to an end...') was:

"Grandad will be sad. He really likes Morgana. He said that she displayed all the finest qualities a woman can possess. He was going to send her a skateboard and a Kindle for Christmas..."

(My father-in-law is a little bit like a Yorkshire Jeremy Clarkson with a beard. Seriously, I can't explain how much I love my in-laws.)
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My daughters' comments. Had to share.



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