13 September 2016

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'This' being Fleabag.

Here is a short trailer on the BBC. (You can watch on iPlayer)

And here is a longer trailer on youtube. (Apparently it's also available on Amazon.)

Description: 'Angry, pervy, outrageous and hilarious, Fleabag arrives with a bang, as she spins through the city grasping at anyone and anything that might keep her head above water.'

Mostly though, it's one of the funniest things I've seen in a long while. Happened to catch a later episode the other night, and then went back to watch from the start. Enjoy!




7 ways for women to disappear so their clothes won’t upset anybody
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Very very frightening

Just had a YUGE storm! You wouldn't believe this storm. It was, like, the BEST storm, OK?

Rain so heavy it looked like something out of an overblown Hollywood movie. Thunder & lightning that just went on & on. (And is still going on.) Never seen anything like it. Apocalyptic, if you were superstitious.

And AMAZING, in case that's not obvious. :)


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