7 July 2014

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Miss M has been chosen as Head Girl for next year.

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She is very pleased. Esp because the Head Girl is responsible for the Prom, and she wants it to have a Frozen theme. *g*

(She is 15 and currently in year 10, next year she will finish her GCSEs.)

ETA: As part of the application process she had to write a statement. Most of the other kids were very careful, and some got the teachers to check them over etc. But MY daughter started off with:

'Dear Miss X. I would like to apply for the position of Head Girl. As a result I have sent you 36 pages detailing my reasoning behind this on Google Drive.

Just kidding.'

She can't really remember the rest, but it was generally light-hearted and funny. After getting a few of her friends to check that it wasn't terrible, she handed it in. And here she is. (She also has a deputy - luckily enough the girl she was hoping for, as they'd already started making plans. *g*)

ETA2: Heeee! Just checked my phone! She actually texted me the news:

I got head girl!!!!!!
All your base are
belong to me!

I must have done something right... :)


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