2 April 2013

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Spurred on by last's night success, my youngest has created another story. Hopefully you can follow it, I've not really edited it.

The Silly Pancake
One day it was Pancake Day and the Dad of the familiy made llllllllllloooooooooottttttttttssssssssss of pancakes and everybody had about 4 or 5 each but there was one left but they were all full up.A little girl said 'Can we go bowling in Exscape’ Yes we can do it this Afternoon’ said Dad. Then everybody went to sleep and the last pancake ran out of the door went on the street and went next door.When the pancake went inside he said’ please may i go bowling with you in Exscape of course you can so they jumped in the car and set of to go bowling.First the human being had a go BUT when they got a ball they dumped it on pancake man and he was stuck onto the ball and when she rolled the ball it didn't stick to the floor it stuck to the pins and when the leader saw it it was over the holes so they took of the pins and got a drill and put holes through him and he died. The End. Good Bye.
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Have spent the best part of the last two days tidying up the younger girls' bedroom. Am winning, if v. tired. They have so much stuff. (Tidied Miss M's bedroom Saturday. She was very grateful, although wondering what I had done with all her things... *g*)

So anyway, I've been sitting here, watching Pond-era vids and missing them. (Disclaimer: I like Clara, I think the Ponds had a lovely exit and had run their course, but... oh I miss them. Might also have something to do with the Cherub watching the Angel two-parter this afternoon and everyone was so young!) The thing is, that apart from the Pond era being, well, an era (a golden era, even, when the Doctor had a family), then I love my characters broken and complicated - and Amy came pre-broken. Which of course wasn't nice for her, but made her an awful lot more interesting for me right from the start. I mean, I like Rose, but I never really identify with 'ordinary' characters. Although of course it's far better for the characters not to get completely screwed up...

Thought I might as well turn this into a reccing post.

Blue Caravan. This is probably my favourite Amy vid of all time.

Call Me Uprising. Also Amy, but very different feel. This one is all action.

Nara. No words can describe how beautiful this vid is.

Howl. Pondsssssss. ('If you could only see/the beast you've made of me')

Space Oddity. Doctor Who + David Bowie. Also (IMHO) the best S6 vid out there.

The World Is Not Enough. "And if you're strong enough, together we can take the world apart, my love...". River and the Doctor's relationship, across time and space. My OTP, and this is why.

{you only} ("The ultimate no-win, tragic love story." Steven Moffat. Also the most beautiful.)

Have also got two posts almost ready - a Clara theory, and one about all the layers in Doctor Who. Which I ought to polish off & finish, but... zzz.

ETA: Also many thanks to whoever left kudos on 'Dating' on AO3. You made my day, wonderful stranger! ♥ ♥ ♥


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