1 April 2013

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(Was at in-laws all of yesterday. Hence the lateness of this post.)

I also wanted to share this story: Catholic High School Allows Male Couple to Attend Dance.

And the BBC has a lovely Easter slideshow.
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The Cherub decided she wanted to do some writing. This is the result. Hope you enjoy! :D

The Silly Sausage

O ne day in the fridge there was 5 sausages in a packet but one escaped from the packet. Then it ran all over the world for many years and didn,t get hungry because it is a sausage it is a part of food. When it came back into the packet after many years it got noticed by a human being who putt them in a frying pan and ate them for dinner and they had1 each but they didn,t know that they were years old because they looked super delicus and they fiantid s l o w l y like that and fell asleep all through the night and in the morning when everyboddy woke up stright away they were sick. The End.G ood Bye.
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BBC: German flea circus hit by freeze.

A flea circus in Germany has been scrambling to replace its performers after the entire troupe was wiped out by this spring's freezing weather.

Video (in German) here.


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