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Date: 8 September 2017 08:59 am (UTC)
elisi: (Stepping Sideways)
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– It feels very book one of the Aeneid, this, for some reason. You can sort of imagine the Captain reciting it in his head,
You operate on a much higher plane than me...

Or, of course, he could have been brutish from the beginning. But weird to see the Captain before he did all the things wrong we know that later he did.
No one is born a brute (or a racist or a xenophobe...). I did this very deliberately to show who he was before and how what happened to him shaped him into the man we saw. Not that it *excuses* it, but it explains it.

Also not quite sure about the goddess bit. But then we still don’t know what Caan was talking about either.
All in good time, as you will now know. :)

… And so says the whole rest of the universe, at that point. No wonder Eight was so careful to try to distance himself.
Indeed. And that's the mindset the Captain (and all the rest) carry with them, not surprisingly.

– Yes. So hard to imagine the older Captain smiling.
I'm pretty sure he never does.

– Ouch. I mean, yes, makes a certain sense, but, ouch.
He doesn't want to screw things up for her... And they are HER people.

– Gallifreyan tenses. Always a problem. :)

The few millennia later visit was too lovely for words.
The whole thing has been an extended exercise in the Seeker getting things wrong. And now learning to understand how to get it right.

As is the envoi.
I wanted to end with Roda, and Roda happy. She deserved it more than anyone.

Thank you!!!
Thank *you*!
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