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Date: 5 September 2017 12:49 am (UTC)
enevarim: (hourglass)
From: [personal profile] enevarim
Huh? They're just rewriting a tiny slice. It's not a fixed point in any way, there'll be no repercussions...
– Sure, but if that argument applies now, it also applied a month ago when they realized that they had arrived 70 years too late and there was “nothing they could do about it”. Except it turns out, in extremis, that wasn’t really true, and they could have fixed the whole thing back then, by doing whatever it is they might decide to do now.

Which is of course why it’s tricky to write time travel stories and we need things like Blinovitch Limitation Effects or dark mutterings about crossing one’s own time stream or, best of all, Moffat’s Rule Three, which, if I remember rightly, goes “Ooo, monsters”.

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