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Date: 4 September 2017 06:12 pm (UTC)
elisi: (Stepping Sideways)
From: [personal profile] elisi
– Okay, yes, that is slightly worse even than what Jack saw. You win. :)
Heh. Yeah, but couldn't quite explain it before...

– That is a nice piece of assisted revenge.
Isn't it just? If she and the Master ever cross paths again, she'll have a field day.

– They do say that anger is always the shortest distance to a mistake, though this must have been set in motion long before the night before.
Yeah, the anger just cemented an already established dislike.

to break the laws of time after all? I mean, yes, obviously renegade Time Lords / Time Lords at war do that all over the shop, to such an extent that (from the vantage point of season five, anyway) the rest of the universe eventually decides to lock Eleventy into the Pandorica to stop him from doing that, but…
Huh? They're just rewriting a tiny slice. It's not a fixed point in any way, there'll be no repercussions... Except for all the people they've been helping probably never existing.

– Your universe, your rules. Give me an order…

— I’m not whether Roda means “he” or “she” here, though it could obviously apply to both. It will be interesting if this comes up in the epilogue.
Oh it's all her. The Seeker is firmly letting her decide.
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